‘They fought for it’: Emotions ran high at the party as Jags fans…

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Duuuval Divisional Watch Party at Daily’s Place was packed with fans watching the Jags take on the Kings during the playoffs.

The Jags’ winning streak ended after a seven-point loss to the Chiefs. Minutes of loud cheers echoed throughout the building. After that, the fans sat in silence.

Moments before the start, D-Line took the stage to the delight of the crowd, followed by Jaguar fans.

A roar of applause filled the room when the Jags’ first touchdown, then cheers erupted after Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was replaced by Chad Henne after Mahomes sprained his ankle.

“It changes a lot. You see what he can do, and we as Jags fans all know what Henne can do. So, we know if Henne has to come to this game, it’s over,” Ken Bailey said.

However, Mahomes returned to the game after the break.

Cheers and cheers continued through the Daily Zone until the three-minute mark, which made it very clear that the Jags would not be able to get the win, which makes for the fans to start pouring out of the stadium.

“I think Jacksonville fought. They fought for it,” one fan told News4JAX after the game. “Those guys played their hearts out. It was a good run that we had.” you too.”

“Doug Pederson has done an amazing job of putting this team together,” one fan said after the game. “We had a shot at next year.”

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