VIN MANNIX: Parrish Community HS repeat winners in …

Here’s to Parrish Community High’s cheerleading team, winners of the 27th Annual Manatee County Fair Cheerleading Competition.

They won the event two years in a row.

Coached by Jenna Davies and Bailee French, the Bulls’ cheerleaders are Alexia Barlow, Samantha Bosmeny, Madison Calvary, Hannah Dolen, Natalie Dolen, Mia Felicello, Morgan Fellows, Madison Greeman, Piper Hammett, Skylar Harvill, Madison Hayes, Kloey Hester , Rylie Jackson, Madison Pandelo, Reagan Panico, Ryann Panico, Alyse Renda, Karina Sanchez, Selena Sanchez, Sydney Sergei, Kenzie Sisk, Kayla Sthreshley, Ava Tibbs and Katelyn Wilson.

• It’s nine years of wedded bliss for Katie Warren and Court Gentry.

• Congratulations to Laurel Lynch, who has officially retired and handed over the reins as CEO of HOPE Family Services. Charlyn “Char” Young, its CFO, became CEO effective January 1st.

Fearless, compassionate and impactful are just some of the attributes associated with Lynch, who served HOPE for 26 years and was the face of the non-profit organization, a leading service provider for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Lynch held various positions including Safe Place and the Rape Crisis Center for 10 years before becoming CEO.

In an appropriate gesture, the newly named Laurel A. Lynch Outreach Office has just been inaugurated by the Board.

“Laurel’s devotion and contributions to HOPE are indescribable in terms of their depth and importance,” said Katie Williams, chairman of the board.

• Manny Ameres is 77 years old.

• And Lou Merucci is 76 years old.

• Welcome to Lauren Nunez, the new marketing manager for Manatee Memorial Hospital.

• And kudos to the female weightlifters who competed for the Manatee County Championship at Manatee High. Braden River won the Varsity Olympic and Traditional divisions, as well as the JV Olympic division, while Lakewood Ranch JV won the Traditional.

Among the varsity winners, both Olympic and Traditional, were Ashlyn Henry of Braden River (110) and Jada Phillips (139), Brooke Cosentino of Saint Stephen (119), Kinsey Bunce of Palmetto (154), Lajuria Thomas of Southeast (169), Mia White of Manatee (199) and Madelyn Wilson of Parrish Community (Unlimited).

The double JV winners were Sarah Griffin of PC (110), Cassi Thompson of BR (129) and Baelee Zuccarini-Garland of MHS (199).

Remaining Varsity Individual Weight Class Olympic winners were -101: Angeline Cao (South East); 129: Madi Vassalo (Lakewood Ranch); and 183: Kelah Peters (P).

Other JV Olympic winners were – 119: Ivy Fields (LR); 139: Sara Vresoki (BR); 154: Sydney Ostendorf (LR); 169: Sophie Butler (PC); 183: Whitney Britt (P); and UNL: Kerryn Benshoff (LR).

The remaining traditional varsity winners were – 101: Juliet Testa (LR); 129: Aubrey Barak (BR); and 183: Vallee Fescemyer (Bayshore).

Other traditional JV winners were – 101: Madalyn Miles (SS); 119: Natalie DeBaeta (LR); 139: Micah Daigle (LR); 154: Olivia Van Kirk (LR); 169: Aryanna Spinhower (BR); 183: Emily Westbrook (B); and UNL: Tra’Kela Sanders (B).

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