Morehead State cheerleaders have what it takes to be the winningest collegiate cheer program

MOREHEAD, Ky. (LEX 18) – A small town in eastern Kentucky that is home to more than 50 national cheerleading championships will soon be putting up a few more banners in the gym.

Earlier this month, Morehead State University took home the 51st, 52nd and 53rd titles after competing in the UCA College Nationals in Orlando, Fla.

The cheerleaders tell us their success is still sinking; Luckily, they have three other massive trophies to show for their hard work.

Last weekend was title number 29 for the big mixed team. The all-girls team took 13th place, and the brand new small mixed team (aka “Smo-ed”) snagged their first championship in the first year of the competition.

“All-Girl was our first team to go and they were the first team to announce they were going to win. I could have gone home. I could have loaded the bus, we could all have gone home, and I would have been happy with my cheering career,” said cheerleader Willie Coggins. “I could have finished. But then went smo-ed, won again and then co-ed, I kinda get goosebumps thinking about it, and pulled the win together again.”

Of course, their skills are top-notch and their routines perfect. But the Morehead cheerleaders say it was their determination and drive that got them to the top of the pyramid.

“We come in a lot on our own,” said cheerleader Abbi Stitt. “In this practice room, there are many late nights and many early mornings, long days.”

Zak Attousi echoed his teammate.

“You see what we do once in that two and a half minutes, but you don’t see the countless hours that we spend in that practice room right behind us,” he told LEX 18.

Head Coach Mark Coleman said he’s proud of his athletes and the families they’ve become, adding that it’s this closeness that contributes to their success. In fact, cheerleaders from across the country are aspiring to join the Morehead State team.

“They are great athletes to work with and a great university and it’s my dream job,” said Coleman.

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