Seminole Cheerleading wins its first coed championship

Hair buns, bobby pins that make the bottom, and garnet lipstick application. This is where the Florida State cheerleaders look as they step out onto the blue carpet. Hours of work, first bird weight training, exhaustion, all one shot takes two minutes and thirty seconds at the national title.

The competitive environment at UCA National is bright. The lights are flashing, the crowd is roaring, everyone is waiting for what will happen in those two minutes and thirty seconds. The fight overcomes every nerve and focuses on every skill to put in the best performance.

The UCA College Nationals is hosted at Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. Teams from all over the country perform in front of thousands of people to determine who is the best cheerleading team in America.

The State of Florida confirmed this when they were crowned UCA 2023 Coed National Champions this past Sunday, January 15. The team executed their game and fell flawlessly finishing with the highest score in the division with 90.7 points. They beat the runner-up, Bowling State University, by two-tenths of a point.

FSU was the only team in their division to record zero hits (no turnovers and no turnovers) on both days. They focus on themselves, and their abilities instead of worrying about what their competitors have up their sleeves.

“UCA is a blind tournament and you never really know what teams are going to do,” senior Sydney Conolly said. “With our regular presence under the radar, we surprised our opponents, and shocked everyone.”

Many of the players stated that they felt nervous before hitting the mat, but from the outside looking in, they presented themselves with confidence.

“We know we’ve put the work in, and now it’s up to us to go out there and have fun together,” senior Kiana Martin said.

Their hard work paid off as they returned to Tallahassee with a win.

Florida State’s regular season gold relies heavily on its men’s players in the collegiate division. They showcased expert partner skills that featured flips, full backs, hand to hand and back flips that were some of the most difficult individual stunts seen across cheerleading.

“I am more impressed with my children; It’s a competition to find male players, but the level they reached is not difficult,” said head coach Cristina Gold.

Florida State’s tutting unit featured outstanding figures across the board including two stops to fill, a stop full and a run. The routine also included two outstanding baskets. Basketball stunts are very dangerous and require every person in the stunt to be coordinated and focused.

The Seminoles’ cheerleading department was a big hit with the crowd. It contains detailed information, use of symbols and clean movement. Extra points are awarded to teams that get the crowd involved and cheering loudly. The team put the stadium on their feet and chanted with them “N-O-L-E-S let’s go ‘Noles!”

Members of the national championship team are Kealani Abasial, Kealoha Abasial, Keoki Abasial, Parker Apple, Jonah Cass, Kennedy Chalmers, Sydney Connolly, Harper Coombs, Jay Crump, Juliana Donaldson, Courtney Downing, Camrynn Easterling, Zaria Floyd, Robert Holmes, Taylor Holmes, Mia Johnson, Natalie Joles, Briana Leonard, Brenna Lowrey, Makenna O’Malley, Julia Mann, Kiana Martin, Shelby McMullin, Kamden Nelson, Jaley Rivers, Lexi Savelle and Jenna Selesnick.

The team had to say goodbye to 16 of its seniors who graduated including Jonah Cass, Sydney Connolly, Taylor Holmes, Kiana Martin and Makenna O’Malley. They expressed their satisfaction with their time with the program and could not be more proud to end their career as national champions.

Florida State hosts this tournament once the spring semester begins. Sports days give the team the chance to play in front of a crowd like they do at Nationals. The Garnet and Gold brought home the national title for the first time as a strong team. Their last championship win was in the girls’ division in 1997. The team won gold medals, and amazing rings… every happy person’s dream!

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Is Seminole State a JUCO?

Old namesSeminole Junior College (1965â1975) Seminole Community College (1975â2009)

Is Seminole State College a 2-year college? Seminole State College offers four-year Bachelor’s (BS) and Bachelor of Science (BAS) degrees in a selection of in-demand majors. Read also : Group, cheerleaders, fans rally around their team | Sports |

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