The Dallas Cowboys season is ending and fans are already fighting every…

The Dallas Cowboys had a great season, but it ended Sunday night in San Francisco when the 49ers beat the boys in the playoffs 19-12, ending Dallas’ season. While many are devastated by the loss, fans have chosen to take their anger and frustration out on each other.

Videos of fans fighting each other just MINUTES after the final whistle of the game at tonight’s Cowboys watch party at AT&T Stadium began to hit Twitter. Really sad situation. Video comes courtesy of DallasTexasTV on Twitter.

I say it’s a sad situation because people can’t seem to keep calm over a FOOTBALL game, and I understand that if you can’t stand the heat, maybe you should stay home.

As for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones has already announced that head coach Mike McCarthy will keep his job despite the “sickening” loss. In my opinion, if they keep everything they have now, the Cowboys could have an incredible season next year, but seeing the fans acting like crazy is definitely disappointing.

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Why are there so many Cowboys fans?

Cowboys Worldwide Many factors played a role in making the Dallas Cowboys famous, but the most important of them is winning; they started from the bottom, made it to five Super Bowls and built a fan base that is among the most loyal in the world.

What percentage of NFL fans are Cowboys fans? Total Fans Cowboys fans made up about 9% of all NFL fans in the United States, which equates to about one in every eleven people identifying as such.

How many Dallas Cowboys fans are there?

Do the Cowboys have the most fans? BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) â A survey of NFL fans across the country has revealed the Dallas Cowboys as No. 1 with the most fans in the league.

Is the Cowboys knocked out of the playoffs?

NFL Playoffs: 49ers Deny Cowboys Again; advancing to the second game of the NFC Championship. For the second consecutive season, the San Francisco 49ers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Dallas Cowboys. In a tough defensive battle, the 49ers won 19-12 in the divisional playoffs at Levi’s Stadium.

Are the Dallas Cowboys eliminated from the playoffs? The Dallas Cowboys are officially out of the playoffs. C Patrick Zilliacus and 12,175 others like this.

Who will the Cowboys play in the 2023 playoffs? A berth in the 2023 NFC Championship Game will be on the line when the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys square off in a divisional playoff game on Sunday.

Which teams are still in the 2023 playoffs? Picture of the 2023 NFC Playoffs

  • Philadelphia Eagles (14-3)
  • San Francisco 49ers (13-4)
  • Minnesota Vikings (13-4)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-9)
  • Dallas Cowboys (12-5)
  • New York Giants (9-7-1)
  • Seattle Seahawks (9-8)

How many teams are left in the NFL playoffs 2023?

With eight teams left in the playoffs, we’ll be down to the Final Four by the end of this weekend, with just two games remaining to determine who will meet in the Super Bowl.

Who is playing in NFC Championship 2023? The only newcomer this year is the Philadelphia Eagles, who are playing in the NFC Championship for the first time since 2017. The Eagles will host the 49ers, who knocked off the Cowboys on Sunday to continue Dallas’ 27-year drought without a conference title. appearance of the game.

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