Can you help the cheerleading squad who are looking for a new practice base?

World-class sports club from Bournemouth are looking for a permanent home (Image: Bournemouth Elite)

A world-class sports club in Bournemouth is looking for a new home to train with their current building slated for demolition.

Bournemouth Elite, a cheerleading club with more than 200 members, is looking for a permanent home to train after their current home is about to be demolished and rebuilt.

Since 2010, the club now has more than 200 members, including a league team that finished fourth at the World Cup in Florida last year.

The club is based in Oak Academy, which is about to be completely redeveloped under the government’s £1 billion School Rebuilding Programme.

Coach at the club, Zoe Dehnert, said the club needs a place that fits their 2,300 square foot fully sprung floor along with plenty of ceiling height.

“We need a place with permanent residence to let the floor down,” she said.

“I would prefer it to be a kind of warehouse, because we need the ceiling height.

“The world team competing in the World Championships in Florida goes pretty high when they throw people in the air. So I’d say about six feet high. That must be a big consideration, then of course it just needs toilets and then somewhere for kids to put their bags and shoes.

The club is open to anyone of any age who wants to try the sport.

“We start at age three, and then we have athletes up to age 30,” Ms Dehnert said.

“We have beginners at every age level, so they can start from scratch, they don’t need to know anything about cheerleading.

“We went to the World Cup last April and came fourth, so we are currently fourth in the world. We have 12 teams this year and they range from level one to level five.”

Mrs. Dehnert hopes to find a place where the club can stay at home for many years to come.

She said, “It would be great if we have a place that we can always access so that those kids always have a place to work out.”

What are the do’s and don’ts in cheerleading?

Be confident, loud and laugh! Cheerleaders are supposed to bring a positive attitude to the game. To see also : O-Zone: lid lift time. “Don’t have excessive makeup, jewelry, or clothing stains; look groomed and groomed,” senior cheerleader Veronica Lopreato said. “Your toes forward!

What should a cheerleader be able to do? Being able to stunt with multiple partners is a must and most college cheerleaders should be able to perform a two part stunt combination. Coaches also look at throws, common game day stunts their school performs, and pyramids. Basic shearing stunts include extensions, liberties, run-in stunts, and toss stunts.

Are there rules in cheerleading? Specific rules are divided into categories, including rules for each stunt or type of move, as well as restrictions for younger cheerleaders. Rules for specific stunts and skills include partner stunts, pyramids, inversions, throws, tumbles and jumps, and certain types of surfaces.

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How much do cheer coaches make in Texas?

The Cheer Coach salary range is from $34,677 to $43,968, and the average Cheer Coach salary is $38,968/year in Dallas, TX. This may interest you : Rockstar cheerleading abuse allegations rise to 20 with Ohio lawsuit.

Do you need a degree to become a cheerleader? While some cheer coaches can find employment with just a high school diploma or GED, most cheer coaches have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

How much do the coaches on Cheer get paid?

How Much Do High School Cheer Coaches Make in Texas? How Much Do High School Cheer Coach Jobs Pay Per Year in Texas? $22,640 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below that are outliers. $43,539 is the 75th percentile.

Do you get paid to be a cheer coach?

Cheerleading Coach Industry SalaryExpert estimates that cheerleading coaches earn approximately $39,228 to $65,342 annually in the US, with a median of $53,480 per year, which equates to an average of $25. See the article : Green Bay Packers football stars join young fans’ impromptu tea on the sideline – WATCH.71 per hour. Entry-level cheerleading coaches are on the lower end of this salary spectrum.

What certificates do you need to become a cheerleading coach? If you do nothing else, the most important certification you can get is the USA Cheer/NFHS Cheer Safety Certification (formerly the AACCA Spirit Safety Certification). USA Cheer is the national governing body for sports cheer in the US. As such, this certification is critical for sideline and recreation team coaches.

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