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On a night that began with the New Brighton School Board receiving greetings from the Education Association for “School Board Appreciation Month,” the Jan. 23 meeting quickly turned into cheering of a different kind.

With an unusually large turnout, the board heard from several students one by one as they took the podium and advocated for the return of competitive cheerleading to the New Brighton School District. Five current students spoke out after Lindsay Johnson, the lone adult who started the discussion on behalf of the Cheerleader organization.

“New Brighton is known for its youth through high school cheer program. We were the team to beat,” praised Johnson. “And then it ended. Why? What’s the real reason to say no to these girls… these hard-working student-athletes? The majority should not be ignored. Do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to be part of the ongoing efforts to not listen when the majority calls for change?”

The “majority” Johnson was referring to is a petition of more than 100 signatures supporting the return of the cheerleading team to New Brighton, along with a plea for support – existential, official and financial – sought from the school board. “We have a petition of over 100 signatures … all we need is you,” Little Lions cheer coach Karmen Briancesco said. “We need you to agree to the opportunity for New Brighton Varsity Cheerleading to compete again. Give us the opportunity we’ve worked so hard for since kindergarten. Let us prove to you all and everyone in the competitive world that we can dominate.”

While the school board commended those who spoke for their valiant efforts, objective matters were still more important than the bottom line. “We need a lot more information,” said school board president John Ludwig. “We need to know how many girls, what the classification would be, what would be the minimum number of girls we could have in the competition, the number of girls who would be interested and actually want to do it, and the finances.”

Ludwig pointed to the recent elimination of the basketball team as an example of why such numbers were needed: “In June, we had fifteen girls who said they were going to play girls basketball. We currently have five girls.” He asked that the Cheer Organization reach out to Superintendent Joseph Guarino and Athletic Director Joe Greco regarding the official numbers, and that once that information is provided, the board could discuss and potentially make a final decision in the future.

“We absolutely support the good work you do and the way you presented it tonight,” summed up board member Amy Fazio. “It’s not about whether we support young women or whether we support cheerleading. ‘It’s a business decision, so let’s get the information and look at it,’ I think is what I hear Lud saying.”

After the evening part of public comments, the regular meeting was held as scheduled. During the meeting, the board unanimously approved the 2023-24 High School Curriculum Manual, along with the purchase of a new public address system at the high school at a cost of $30,600. Five resignations were also approved by the school board, along with the hiring of Robert Zahn as an athletic associate and Heather River as an instructional assistant. Both recruitments are for the current school year, pending approval.

Fifteen coaches were hired for spring sports, each of whom was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors:

Fifteen committed coaches will be joined by eight volunteer assistants – four for varsity baseball, three for varsity track and one for high school volleyball. The board also unanimously approved an Act 93 contract for the school district, which runs through June 30, 2028.

The next New Brighton School Board meeting is scheduled for February 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Rehearsals are a great way to start the new year. Depending on your school’s cheerleading coach or advisor, a tryout date can be scheduled anytime from late winter to early spring, and the process usually takes an entire week.

What is the difference between competitive and All Star cheer?

College cheerleaders compete on wooden floors â like you would see in a basketball court â with a thin mat on top to protect the athletes if they fall. See the article : Physics, competition and surprises at AT&T Training Camp | Falcons Audible Podcast. All Star cheerleaders, on the other hand, compete on spring floors, which offer more bounce and support.

Is All Star cheerleading the same as competitive cheerleading? All-star cheerleading is strictly competitive cheerleading. This type of cheer is performed outside of school, and team members practice competing in multiple cheer competitions a year.

What makes All Star cheering different? All Star Cheer differs from traditional school cheer teams in that its primary purpose is to compete, while school cheer includes cheerleading and other school roles as well as the ability to compete.

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