Cowboys Sign 5 Players to New Contracts on 90-Man Roster: NFL Tracker

SIGNATURES JANUARY 23: The Cowboys can now – unfortunately – start building a 90-man roster through “futures” contracts.

The roster so far includes five players from the practice team: Wideout Dontario Drummond, mid laners Brock Hoffman and Alec Lindstrom, and DB Sheldrick Redwine and Juanyeh Thomas.

Stay tuned for more signatures…

JANUARY 22 COWBOYS UP Dak Prescott threw a 3-yard pass from TD Dalton Schultz to give the Cowboys a 6-3 lead early in the second quarter here in Santa Clara…

But rather unbelievably, PAT was blocked.

So Brett Maher and the Cowboys are now 1 of 6 in the postseason PAT trials. Oh, and why do Nines have their three points?

Dak interception in the first quarter.

JANUARY 22 LAMAR NOT quarterback Lamar Jackson rejected the Ravens’ offer for a six-year contract with a guaranteed amount of $ 113 million. One way to interpret numbers?

The guarantees in the contract are less than half of the $230 million deal the Cleveland Browns made with Deshaun Watson in the offseason. They’re also less than the contract Dak Prescott has with the Cowboys, which guarantees $126 million.

Jackson – the MVP of the 2019 league – has a solid case that he wants to earn like the best point guards in the league. These numbers can be looked at in different ways… and we don’t know the full value or structure of this offer.

But only in terms of guaranteed money? Watson’s deal set the bar. And Jackson – who will continue to be the subject of trade rumors until this is settled – has every reason to want to be a match for him.

JANUARY 21, DUNGY’S DECISION Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy made headlines this week when he decided to respond to a statement from representative Sandra Feist, who argued that menstrual products should be available in all school bathrooms. The politician noted: “There are many schools that are moving towards gender-neutral bathrooms.”

Dungy, who has been outspoken about LGBTQ movements in the past, responded.

“It’s nothing,” Dungy tweeted, sarcastically spreading a debunked myth. “Some school districts are placing litter boxes in school bathrooms for students who identify as cats. It is very important to meet the needs of each student.”

Despite the controversial nature of his comment – which he obviously admits by deleting the tweet – a Sports Illustrated report says that Dungy will be on the air today for NBC’s coverage of the NFL playoffs.

19 JAN PETERS OUT The Dallas Cowboys are still comfortable with Jayron Kearse’s safety availability on Sunday, but entering Thursday’s practice here at The Star, Jason Peters will not be training again.

Kearse (knee) should be enough for this practice (perhaps he will go off as “limited” and for Sunday’s playoff game in San Francisco. But Peters forfeited the win over Tampa on Monday due to a hip problem and a smart bet is that Dallas will use a setup offensive line that ended this game in the future …

So the 40-year-old Peters will sit down, with rookie Tyler Smith kicking left-back and Connor McGovern starting at left-back.

JANUARY 16 LAMAR JACKSON HANDEL? Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s expiring contract is a problem… and a complication is compounded by a knee injury that has kept him out of the last six games… including a 24-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

As the off-season continues, the Ravens are looking for answers to what to do with their quarterback. A rumor mill on Twitter suggests the Ravens will likely brand Jackson as a franchise and then trade him.

Are the Atlanta Falcons “at the head of the queue?

JANUARY 15 IS STILL ALIVE! The New York Giants advanced to the Divisional Round after beating the Minnesota Vikings 31-24 on Sunday in the U.S. Bank Stadium. … and yes – with a schedule of course – the three NFC East teams are still alive.

With the score in Minny, the Giants will now face the Philadelphia Eagles next week in the Divisional Round.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys will play Monday night against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a fourth and final spot in the next round. …and the winner of the MNF match will advance against the Niners next week.

JANUARY 14 NFL WILD CARD SATURDAY And this, the Dallas Cowboys, is hard to follow!

The NFL playoffs kicked off Saturday with two return scores.

After the San Francisco 49ers returned from halftime and won by three points (41–23 over Seattle), the Jacksonville Jaguars made a 27-point comeback (the third-highest in NFL history) by defeating the Los Angeles Chargers at home.

An unfortunate start to the first half came with five turnovers for Jaguar… including four interceptions from Trevor Lawrence. But… The Chargers found a way to close the four-touchdown lead and lost 31-30 in Jacksonville.

Lawrence bounced back throwing three touchdown passes in the second half to speed up Jacksonville’s comeback.

It looks similar? Yes, this is the same group of Jags that trailed Dallas by 17 points at the end of the regular season before coming back to win 40-34 in overtime.

And of course, the 49ers are the same group that beat Dallas last year in the first round of the playoffs.

The 49ers will host the best remaining NFC playoff team while the Jaguars await an opponent based on Sunday’s results. And the Cowboys play Monday night, certainly hoping for a win in Tampa Bay that isn’t quite as dramatic.

JANUARY 14 COWBOYS LEAD NFL “Team America” ​​has done it again.

According to the Sunday Night Football report, in nine games at AT&T Stadium this year, the Dallas Cowboys dominated the NFL in terms of total home attendance with a total of 841,192 fans.

The next highest total was the New York Giants with 688,266.

Of course, many factors come into play: the loyalty and passion of the fans… a winning team (12-5 overall and 8-1 home)… the NFL’s third largest stadium (behind MetLife Stadium and Lambeau Field) – but a stadium that is a draw card in itself, even for fans of the other team.

But number 1 is number 1. … and the Cowboys Nation hopes everyone is in good spirits heading to Tampa Bay for Monday night’s playoffs opener.

JANUARY 8: PLAYOFF FAVORITES OF THE COWBOYS The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who started their road to the title with a Week 1 victory over Dallas, will now host a rematch at Wild Card Weekend… with the Cowboys opening as a 3-point favourite.

The Buccaneers won over the NFC South a week ago, and the events of Week 18 – including Dallas’ awful 26-6 loss to Washington – see the 12-5 Cowboys rank fifth as the best wildcard team.

Times and dates for the first round of the playoffs will be announced late Sunday, but the Bucs will host Dallas at Raymond James Stadium next weekend.

And yes, will be there!

Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about the loss in Washington and the wait ahead: “We’ve been screwed all week. If that doesn’t get you ready to play in six or seven days, nothing else will.

JANUARY 8 HURTS VS. WEBB Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts will start Sunday’s regular season final against the New York Giants; no wonder, with or without a sore shoulder, the Eagles must win to stop the rising Cowboys.

And the Giants? Looks like someone explained something to Fireball rookie coach Brian Daboll who previously talked about “playing to win” even though the Giants (like Philly and Dallas) are in the playoffs but have no reason to risk injury here.

So… New York will give training team quarterback Davis Webb a job.

The Eagles have a 13-3 record but have lost two in a row and need a win or tie against the Giants to claim the top spot in the NFC and a first-round bye. In the unlikely event that the Eagles lose, the 12-4 Cowboys could bounce back with today’s win in Washington. they could also take first if the Cowboys (12-4) lost to the Commanders and the 49ers (12-4) lost to the Cardinals.

Webb, who was drafted in the third round of the 2017 Giants draft but never attempted a pass in an NFL regular season game.

JANUARY 6 JERRY IN LEAGUE VOTE ON AFC TITLE GAME NFL owners voted to approve proposed changes to the AFC playoffs, which are highlighted by the ability to play the AFC Championship game at a neutral venue, according to reports from NFL Network Friday. …

As predicted by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, this will happen a little earlier in the day.

“We will be voting to adapt to our circumstances due to the concerns and what we had to adjust due to Damar Hamlin’s injury and that will be done and should be finished by midday,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan.

Jones explained his view on how the league needs to balance the importance of home field advantage with the safety considerations of the bankrupt Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin.

“This is a critical time,” Jones said. “The home advantage that you get from how your team has played for a year are all very valuable things – that don’t apply… at the moment. They (shouldn’t) be considered (and shouldn’t) be confused (in comparison with) sensitivity with Hamlin’s injuries in general.

The revised AFC playoff schedule stems from Hamlin’s cardiac arrest in the first quarter of Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, prompting the cancellation of the game.

Details on the new playoff and AFC schedule can be found here.

JANUARY 4 “NO CLUB” Cowboys “Lion-backer” Micah Parsons has a nasty cut on his hand as first reported by CowboysSI.som, and the laceration – along with what we know was quite a bit of swelling – has caused them to play last week’s win against the Titans with such a big score we all started calling it “the club.”

Wednesday’s injury report is here and Micah is out… And he doesn’t expect the injury to limit him on Sunday in Week 18 at the Commanders.

“We will be operating at full speed,” Parsons said. “No Club”.

JANUARY 4 COMMANDER’S BENCH WASHINGTON WENTZ A week after quarterback Carson Wentz replaced Taylor Heinicke as the team’s starter, it was reported that Washington was changing course.

While Heinicke is expected to be a starter, the same report says rookie Sam Howell will also get game time, making his NFL debut in the final week of the regular season.

The team has yet to confirm this. .. and unfortunately, the report is not quite right.

Carson Wentz (again) sits on the bench…even as coach Ron Rivera says he has “no regrets” about the disastrous decision to let Wentz go in last week’s loss to the playoffs hopeful Browns.

UPDATE: Howell is now receiving first-team representatives in training in Washington…

And Howell will be the Sunday starter.

The 7-8-1 commanders will probably be wise to start their experiment with rookie Howell, as there is little else to accomplish here against 12-4 Dallas, who are in the playoffs and still trying to win the NFC East.

Jan. 3 NFL MOVEMENT Damar Hamlin’s collapse on the Buffalo Bills field of safety shocked the sports world Monday night when the 24-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest during the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium.

Hamlin remains in critical condition in the ICU at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. And on Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys and all NFL teams supported sophomore safety as all Twitter profile pictures for the league and its teams were changed to a #3 jersey with the message “Pray for Damara.”

The game between the Bengals and the Bills was temporarily suspended before being rescheduled entirely on Monday night. On Tuesday, the league revealed that the match would not be played this week and that there was no current timetable for the restart of play.

JANUARY 3 NFL REVEALS PLAN Week 17 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will not be played this week due to the collapse of Bills safety Damara Hamlin, the league announced Tuesday.

The NFL is in constant contact with the medical team looking after Damar Hamlin, as well as with the Bills and Bengals and the NFL Players Association.

After speaking with both teams and NFLPA management, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the clubs today that the Bills-Bengals game will not resume this week.

The NFL has made no decision regarding whether or not to resume play at a later date.

The league made no changes to the schedule for week 18 of the regular season.

We will continue to provide additional information as it becomes available.

Therefore, the Dallas Cowboys will play as planned on Sunday afternoon in Washington. See below for more…

JANUARY 2 REVEALED HOUR COWBOYS-COMMANDERS The Dallas Cowboys will face the Washington Commanders at 15:25. CT on Sunday, the NFL announced today.

The Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles (home vs. Giants) and San Francisco 49ers (home vs. Cardinals) will play their games in the same 3:25 slot… so no team will have the advantage of knowing their playoff lineup .

Here’s a breakdown of the Dallas scenarios along with the odds of the Cowboys opening the playoffs in Tampa Bay.

Also Sunday Night Football will be between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on NBC.

2 JAN WELCOME BACK! “It might be a little premature and it might be a little optimistic, but the Dallas Cowboys have an injury plan for the playoffs.

“We’re going to welcome back three really good players,” Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones said on Monday during a visit to 105.3 The Fan, looking back at the postseason. “Leighton Vander Esch, certainly (Johnathan) Hankins, and if we recapture (Tyler’s) Woe… that will be a big plus for our group.”

Linebacker Vander Esch (neck/shoulder) will miss Washington this week. Veteran run-stopper Hankins has a chest injury. And starting Woe has sprained his ankle, and the Cowboys cross their fingers as they shuffle the O-line for another week.

Jones said of Woe: “I think after we spend a full week with him and see how he responds to the treatment… We’re just seeing what this week will bring, but we certainly feel it’s a realistic chance that (medical staff) may get ready to play in the first round of the playoffs.

DECEMBER 28 ME TOO! Dez Bryant has moved away from football to be a family man and businessman, and has not played in the NFL since 2020.

But he sure has fun thinking that the next “retired” Dallas Cowboys, great, will try to make a comeback.

According to information from, 49-year-old Hall of Famer Terrell Owens called Jerry Jones’s office asking him to try out.

“If T.O comes back… put me on the playoff team… seriously! LFG,” Bryant wrote on Twitter.

Bryant, 34, was a Pro Bowl player who garnered 7,459 yards and 73 touchdowns in eight seasons with the Cowboys. Like Owens, he keeps himself fit and… well, those are fun ideas… but they’re not Cowboy ideas, if you get what we mean.

DECEMBER 26 WHITE ON WHITE because we know you care…

We can inform you that this week you will see a “fresh” look with the iconic Cowboys uniforms, a white “Color Rush” uniform with navy blue trim… and a white helmet with a new star…

All of this will be revealed during the Week 17 meeting of the Tennessee Titans in Thursday’s football matchup.

The novelty is subtle. But face masks should burst!

DECEMBER 24 SHUT UP AND PLAY This week, Cowboys leader Jayron Kearse basically urged his locker room to shut up and play.

Kearse said ahead of the Eagles’ visit on Saturday: “We talked a lot. At this point, we shouldn’t talk anymore. We should go about business. We should care about action. The movie should talk. I really don’t think there’s much more to be said than getting the job done.”

So far, Kearse meets this with two takeaways that are largely responsible for keeping Dallas in this game. His second…

Led to TD by Michael Gallup, another guy who lets his game – or in this case, his feet – speak for him.

Dallas is tied 27-all and the Eagles are tied for fourth here at AT&T Stadium.

December 21 Cowboys and Eagles injury reports are available Wednesday. With Micah Parsons and Jalen Hurts, DNP highlights again.

Regardless of who plays on Saturday, the Cowboys promise to be ready.

“I think everyone in the locker room is looking forward to this rematch,” Dak Prescott said, adding: “Understanding they (Eagles) are playing their asses having a hell of a season. …

“You just want to get another shot, make sure you put your best foot forward.”

DECEMBER 21 MICAH OUT AGAIN Micah Parsons will appear on Wednesday’s training/injury report as he did on Tuesday, listing “lion protector” as a DNP (illness).

“Micah Parsons won’t be with us today … It’s happening,” coach Mike McCarthy said of the sickness bug.

The Cowboys host the Eagles on Christmas Eve.

On December 20, Malik Jefferson, removed from the Cowboys training team last week, was re-signed to the training team, the team says.

Jefferson, a 26-year-old former Texas Longhorn, can offer depth in the building after Leighton Vander Esch’s short-term injury.

DECEMBER 20 DALLAS AT DALLAS The Eagles announced Tuesday that Dallas Goedert has been activated from IR. … just in time to play against its hated namesake, the Dallas Cowboys.

Goedert has been out since Week 10 with a shoulder injury but is back on board for the 13-1 Eagles with 544 yards and three touchdowns on 43 caught in nine games, a perfect complement to A.J. Brown and Devont Smith.

Philly will likely be without QB Jalen Hurts (shoulder) for Saturday’s 10-4 Dallas.

DECEMBER 18 KELVIN BENCHED Cowboys suddenly have trouble defending themselves.

First, they pulled Kelvin Joseph’s starting corner after he gave up two more touchdown allowed catches. …so Nahshon Wright entered the game.

Meanwhile, security Donovan Wilson is injured, as is Leighton Vander Esch.

Add it all? Dallas led 27-10 but Trevor Lawrence, taking advantage of Dak Prescott’s sloppy part in part, threw three TD passes…and the Jags lead 31-27 with 10 minutes left.

DECEMBER 18 LVE HURT Cowboys defenseman Leighton Vander Esch was escorted to the Jacksonville locker room and ruled out as he has any chance of returning to play against the Jags.

Amid speculation about a possible concussion, the Cowboys call it a neck injury.

Micah Parsons has the sack and Ezekiel Elliott has TD for takeout and the Cowboys lead 21-10 in the third with a win securing a playoff spot.

DECEMBER 18 HOSPITAL TRAINER Falcons defense coordinator Dean Pees, 73, was carried off the field in New Orleans during today’s pre-game warm-up after accidentally colliding with a Saints player.

The Falcons say Pees – who remained on the ground for an extended period after the collision – is “alert and responsive” as he is transported to a local hospital for medical examinations.

DECEMBER 14 “STAND BY” Jerry Jones wants it.

The Cowboys owner was asked by DFW media late Wednesday afternoon about the ideal timeline for signing Odell Beckham Jr.

“Sooner rather than later,” he said.

“I don’t want to talk about it, but stay tuned,” Jones said. But stop. Wait.”

Jones, even when the Cowboys just signed another vet at T.Y. Hilton was asked Tuesday by 105.3 The Fan whether the fact that OBJ can’t play tonight (due to his supposedly “ticking time bomb” knee) precludes a deal.

“I wouldn’t go that far if you include the playoffs,” Jones said. “We wouldn’t be interested in Odell if he wasn’t talented. I think it’s safe to say he’s an outstanding receiver… he, as you well know, is not ready to play. He is a receiver that I think would fit anytime. Interest in Odell will continue.”

Also important (click above): On Monday, the parties discussed the parameters of the contract.

DECEMBER 14 TWO KEY MOVES The Cowboys placed Johnathan Hankins (chest strain) and Terence Steele (torn ACL and MCL) on injury reserve.

Steele is out of season. Hankins is optimistic about his chance to be activated during the playoffs.

DECEMBER 14 OBJ PATIENT? Does Odell Beckham Jr. is a “free agent” … in spring 2023?

The Dallas Cowboys still have the idea of ​​signing OBJ now with hopes he could contribute to the NFL Playoffs – and perhaps with a contract offer that would secure his services well into future years, especially as his “ticking time bomb” knee has a good past.

Indeed, the Cowboys and Beckham camp appears to have discussed the parameters of the Dallas contract on Monday. Playing anywhere this season is getting smaller.

But ESPN is now reporting that “several” NFL teams believe the 30-year-old receiver will now most likely wait until the end of the season to make a deal.

“Executives whose teams have done their homework on Beckham expect him to wait because, as he put it, “he will be the prize” of the free agent receiver class,” writes ESPN. “Beckham is not expected to be ready to play football until the play-offs and joining a new team and attacking in the play-offs comes with a risk of injury.”

The Cowboys were aware of all this and just beefed up their receiving room with the signature of veteran T.Y. Hilton.

Could throwing a three-time Pro Bowler OBJ onto the field in the playoffs be a reward for the team? Maybe. But OBJ’s financial reward can only come if he proves his knee is healthy… making him a “prize” next March.

DECEMBER 13 BEAS TO BILLS Could Buffalo Bills be in the process of holding another audience meeting? Several well-liked tweets and reports of sightings at airports had rumors swirling around the internet mill about the return of Cole Beasley, the Bills’ former wide receiver, to Orchard Park.

And now it’s on, the NFL Network reports that Beasley is signing with Buffalo.

WIVB-TV reported on Twitter Monday night that Beasley had returned to Buffalo, and their reporter cited Beasley’s tweet claiming that Beasley had flown from Baltimore to Buffalo.

Beasley, 33, a native of Little Elm, came to the NFL from SMU with the Cowboys before moving to Buffalo. He retired from the NFL after only two career games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in early October.

In three seasons with the Bills (2019-21), the often outspoken “Beas” recorded 2,348 yards and 11 touchdowns on 231 catches, becoming one of Josh Allen’s favorite goals.

DECEMBER 12 MONDAY MEDICAL In addition to an offensive tackle from Terence Steele, who is currently out for a year due to a serious injury, defender Johnathan Hankins is struggling with a strained chest after Sunday’s win over the Texans, which coach Mike McCarthy says is “significant”.

The Cowboys believe defensive midfielder Dorance Armstrong, who donned a protective boot after Sunday’s game, will be able to play with a sore ankle in Jacksonville this week.

Steele’s loss is big as the Cowboys now plan to reshuffle the O lane, perhaps with young Josh Ball and not-so-young Jason Peters pivoting on the right.

Said McCarthy of Steele, “The rock of man.”

DECEMBER 11 INJURY PROBLEMS The Dallas Cowboys recorded a 27:23 last-minute win over the Texans on Sunday, but suffered several losses along the way.

Most disruptive: right-back starting Terence Steele left the field with a knee injury, leading the Cowboys to say they are “very concerned” about the upcoming MRI.

In addition, defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins injured his shoulder and Jake Ferguson suffered head and neck injuries.

Steele’s injury is most problematic as the Cowboys first replaced him with young Josh Ball but then turned to vet Jason Peters for a right tackle.

Next week in Jacksonville, Peters could be the right opponent and Tyron Smith will be back to pick up the left tackle.

Also Trevon Diggs left briefly due to a thumb injury – and now says he is playing with both thumbs injured. And Dorance Armstrong is wearing a safety boot after he sprained his ankle.

DECEMBER 11 COWBOYS OPEN HOT The combination of an offensive line bullying the Texans and Tony Pollard’s skill, fitting nicely with the Cowboys’ fun game design, resulted in Dallas taking off quickly over the Texans.

Pollard scored from 11 yards, scoring in a nine-point, 76-yard TD opening in Week 14 here at AT&T Stadium.

DECEMBER 10 FINES Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott were fined $13,261 for celebrating TD by using the Salvation Army Red Kettle against the Colts.

Money well spent, Cowboys Nation will surely agree. Normal. Zeke?

“It’s worth the awareness we bring to the Salvation Army,” he said.

December 9 WHAT THE HELL? Sean McVay is a smart guy. But even the coach of the Los Angeles Rams couldn’t grasp what he was overseeing.

The coach seemed stunned by the result, a 17-16 win over Las Vegas on a Thursday night that featured all kinds of madness capped by Ram-for-a-day (or something) QB Baker Mayfield doing a length-of-the-road TD drive with 1:45 to play.

“The way we drew it,” McVay said, adding, “I keep thinking to myself, ‘What the hell is going on now?”

“I don’t know if you could have written it better,” said Mayfield, resigned by Karolina just a few days ago and then inserted into “Thursday Night Football” (with Matthew Stafford injured) just a few plays in. “It’s a damn good story, I’ll be honest with you.”

Here’s what’s going on… keep following!

Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks – a Cowboys trade target ahead of this year’s deadline – has a calf injury and is expected to miss his second game in a row. …on that one Sunday at noon in Dallas.

And… there is a tendency for another starter, Nico Collins, to miss the game with a foot injury as well.

Houston is 1-10-1 and already out of arms against 9-3 Dallas.

DECEMBER 7 VON DOESN’T GIVE A YEAR Buffalo Bills star Von Miller, who had hoped to return to action in the coming weeks, underwent surgery on a torn ACL in his knee and is now ready for the season.

The announcement was made Wednesday at team headquarters by head coach Sean McDermott.

A native of the DFW and a Cowboys off-season target before signing with Buffalo, Miller has a long-term contract with the Bills… and is sure to stay in the news for some time as he is a key figure in the recruitment of injured Buffalo receiver Odell Beckham Jr., from rival Dallas cowboys.

DECEMBER 5 TEXAS RIVALERS?! No, in Week 14 the two “rivals” will not face each other in the Houston Texans playing the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on Sunday noon.

Cities love to hate each other. But teams and their fans? Cowboys Nation doesn’t care much for the Texans… neither do the Texans fans at the moment.

The Texans had just lost to the Cleveland Browns 27-14, and even Deshaun Watson’s controversial return to Houston made no difference to the public.

The Texans have a record of 1-10-1.

The Cowboys, who beat Indy 54-19, are playing Sunday Night Football looking to improve their 9-3 record and keep up the momentum with the Eagles. Dallas has won two in a row and four of the last five, with some bookies placing the Cowboys as a 17-point favorite in this game.

Cowboys now have a habit of scoring over 30 points. The Texans haven’t scored 17 points in their last six games. So… bet!

DECEMBER 4 JIMMY G OUT The 49ers say QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s return to the game against the Dolphins is in doubt due to injury. Brock Purdy now in QB. And yes …

This is a potential balance of power change in the NFC… for a team like the Seahawks in the West and for teams like the Dallas Cowboys around the world.

UPDATE: Following San Francisco’s 33-17 win, head coach Kyle Shanahan said Garoppolo will require season-ending foot surgery.

DECEMBER 4 TWO NEW LOOKS The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will be unveiling a new look for their iconic red, white and blue-accented boots on Sunday night as part of “Salute to Service” weekend… which you can read more about here as Dallas takes on Indianapolis here at the stadium AT&T.

But other than that, Christmas is coming and the Cowboys are due to host the Eagles on Christmas Eve…

So the Cowboy Cheerleaders must dress appropriately, and they will, as they were showing off their special Christmas outfits.

DECEMBER 3: DEION’S DECISION Deion Sanders has officially announced that he will be the next head coach in Colorado.

Sanders went 27-5 over three seasons at Jackson St. and got some of the best recruits in the country.

The announcement came moments after Sanders led Jackson State to a second consecutive SWAC title.

Jackson State defeated Southern 43–24 in the title game, ending the school’s first undefeated season.

“There were many highly qualified and impressive applicants interested in becoming Colorado’s next head football coach, but none of them had the pedigree, knowledge, and ability to connect with student-athletes like Deion Sanders,” Colorado’s athletic director Rick George said in statement. “Not only will Coach Prime energize our fans, I am confident that he will lead our show back to national prominence by leading a team of high quality and character.”

Sanders, 55, played in the NFL for 14 seasons, five of which he spent with the Cowboys. During his tenure at Dallas, he tallied 159 tackles, 14 interceptions and two touchdowns. Sanders was a member of the 1995 Cowboys championship team that defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX. He was inducted into both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football of Fame in 2011.

He has already started recruiting staff and players for Colorado.

DECEMBER 2 THE ANTONIO BROWN PROBLEM Antonio Brown occasionally mentions returning to the NFL, sometimes suggesting the Dallas Cowboys as his employer.

It’s not going to happen. Instead, Brown has real-life issues as he faces trial again in the wake of a recent alleged domestic incident that resulted in an arrest warrant for the former NFL standout.

Brown, 34, is reportedly wanted by police for a battery charge stemming from an incident earlier this week involving the mother of four of Brown’s six children at his South Tampa home.

On Thursday night, NBC News reported that Tampa police were still trying to arrest Brown after repeated attempts outside his home. The department told NBC that Brown “does not communicate with police officers.”

Tampa’s WFTS-TV reported that officers were at Brown’s home for more than an hour and called him from his front door via a megaphone. A Tampa police statement indicates that Brown and the woman were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical earlier this week, with Brown allegedly saying that “if she had come into the house, he would have shot her in front of the police,” according to court documents.

December 1 BYE, OBJ It is now known that the Los Angeles Rams were off the hook when it came to re-signing Odell Beckham Jr. But now there’s physical evidence…

The Associated Press reveals that the former locker at team headquarters that it used and stored for a free agent with a wide receiver… no longer exists.

“The cabinet with the name Odell Beckham Jr. on it. at the Rams training complex since last season, it’s empty again,” Beacham said. “They’re not saving the OBJ site anymore.”

Starting today, OBJ is embarking on a suitor tour with a Thursday visit to the Giants, a Friday visit to the Bills and a Monday visit to the Cowboys on tap.

29 NOV NOW, OBJ! Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at @1053thefan makes the team’s pursuit of Odell Beckham Jr. it is almost urgent.

“This year has got to be a big part of that,” Jones said. “We have six regular season games and playoffs, so I think we have almost the entire show ahead of us. We need to have a situation where he can really contribute now. “

Now, let’s make sure we got that right: Jones seems to be saying in part that Dallas “needs” a healthy OBJ… and since he’s spent almost a year rehabbing his knee, there are still questions.

But if those questions are answered next Monday, when is Beckham due to visit The Star?

Jones also pointed out that the OBJ aviation incident has no bearing on the team’s “full steam” interest (in the words of coach Mike McCarthy) for the star receiver.

“Very genuine,” Jones said, describing his telephone visit with Beckham. “Very competitive. She feels confident. I feel good in my own skin. We think he can fit in really well with us.”

Jones also said of the incident at the airport: “His judgment, his behavior is not an issue for him. It applies to many. She’s not with him.”

So… if he passes medical tests and other obstacles (money, other bidders) will be solved?

“We have to have this year,” Jones said. “It is very important. This year has to be a big part of that.”

NOVEMBER 28, NO FLY Odell Odell Beckham Jr. early on Sunday tweeted about the notable experience without giving details,

“Comedy hour,” he said about…something.

Maybe this Rumor/VIDEO is what he’s talking about… Did the cops just remove the OBJ from the plane?

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the free agent star’s suitors, has often claimed that OBJ’s reputation as a “diva” is unfounded.

We’ll see what the airport police have to say about it… that is…

So the flight crew thought he was sick because they couldn’t wake him up to fasten his seatbelt. He refused to leave the plane when asked to do so. … until the arrival of the police.

Oh, and by the way, no, according to the passenger with the video, this incident did not take place at DFW Airport as some speculate. Passengers allegedly flew from Miami to Los Angeles, and “the plane was taxiing on the runway, but we (returning) back to the gate due to a problem” …

NOVEMBER 25 OBJ SETS MEETING The Dallas Cowboys made headlines over free agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. through his scheduled visit to them. Oh, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed he had a “good visit” on Thanksgiving over the phone with OBJ.

But there are still plenty of teams on Beckham’s list as he is ready to start his visits as a free agent. … And yes, Cowboys have company.

That’s word via CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson, who reports on Friday that Beckham has solidified plans to visit three suitors… and do it in that order…

We understand that your visit to Dallas is scheduled for Monday, December 5th. So the Giants and Bills sessions are just around the corner.

Anderson also reports that Beckham, who was recovering from a knee injury, also spoke to the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. It is also believed that the San Francisco 49ers may be in contention for the services of the two-time All-Pro receiver, who is looking for a long-term “home” (and contract), with speculation that he may be asked for a $20 million APR.

Bills’ recruitment of OBJ was crucial to his Rams Super Bowl teammate Von Miller, and Miller is now in the news as he deals with his own knee injury sustained during a Thanksgiving victory in Detroit.


Both the Cowboys and the Giants are set to host Odell Beckham Jr., but we already knew that. Now comes the promotion of the ball: Beckham will visit the Cowboys on Monday, December 5, according to Jay Glazer.

It looks like the Giants have yet to set a date, but they are on Beckham’s wishlist. The Bills, Niners and Chiefs may also feature here… although these organizations have not been as high-profile as Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones and his franchise.

Beckham is reportedly healthy after rehabilitating his knee and is reportedly looking for a long-term deal for around $20 million APR as part of his quest for, as he puts it, “home”.

And in DFW? The search for apartments has been going on since December 5.

NOVEMBER 23 TP WINS THE AWARD There’s no denying it: Tony Pollard has become perhaps the Cowboys’ most feared offensive weapon, and this week he was recognized for it. He was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his great contribution to Dallas’ 40-3 win over Minnesota.

TP numbers? He had a career-high 189 yards in the action (109 receiving, 80 rushing) and two destroyers on Sunday.

Our friend from PFF, Marcus Mosher, writes: “The season of Tony Pollard has arrived. That made Dallas one of the NFL’s most dangerous offenses, preying on what is arguably the best player in the league right now.”

Over the past four games, the Cowboys have accumulated 141 points per game and are averaging 412.8 attacking yards. That’s better than a year ago when they were the #1 offensive in the NFL.

This, of course, has something to do with the return of Dak Prescott. But as the Cowboys prepare to welcome the Giants on Thanksgiving in a 7-3 NFC East two-team battle? Yes, it also has a lot to do with Tony Pollard.

NOVEMBER 22 BRADY IN TEXAS TROUBLES? The Texas State Securities Board has reportedly expanded its investigation into the operation and bankruptcy of the FTX cryptocurrency platform to now include the activities of celebrities such as NFL’s Tom Brady and NBA’s Stephen Curry.

Bloomberg News was the first to report on the latest investigations into possible violations of securities laws.

“Anyone who provides investment advice in Texas typically must be registered and must usually truthfully disclose all known material facts,” the Texas State Securities Board told The Texas Tribune. “There is no other justice system or regulation in Texas for people who are celebrities.”

This comes after news of the filing of a class action lawsuit that lists the names of Curry and Brady and other celebrities and claims that, among other things, they “controlled, promoted, assisted and actively participated” in the alleged scheme where it was “aggressively marketed” FTX – which the application describes as “a real house of cards” and a “Ponzi scheme”.

NOVEMBER 21 RUSSELL WILSON ANOTHER HERSCHEL After all the dust has settled and all the onions have been peeled, the NFL world has come to a general agreement: there will never, ever be another deal like Herschel Walker’s deal, so cleverly crafted by the Cowboys that it became the basis for a three-time Super Bowl champion.

Will ‘never ever’ happen again in Seattle?

The 1989 Walker trade – seen as the greatest heist in football history – earned Cowboys the Vikings many premium rounds for the runner. Among the players drafted from Minnesota: Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Darren Woodson and Kevin Smith.

And now? The Denver Broncos, like those Vikings, thought they were “one star away.” The Seahawks obliged by firing point guard Russell Wilson for two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and three veterans.

What does it look like for the Broncos? Wilson, writes our man (and seasoned Seahawks observer) Corbin K. Smith, “plays the worst ball of his career at Mile High City as he completed less than 60 percent of his passes and threw just seven touchdown passes in 10 starts as Denver disappointed with a record of 3-7 and currently sits last in the AFC West.”

And how is Seattle doing with Geno Smith’s QB retreads? He is, Smith writes, “a realistic MVP candidate, leading a rookie 6-4, leading NFC West team.”

And that’s not even counting all guys and all types and… well, dive into Corbin’s in-depth look at how “Herschel’s Heist” will never happen again… other than maybe he just did.

NOVEMBER 20, NO. TP 1? Tony Pollard matters. Ezekiel Elliott matters. And as Dallas prepares for today’s Cowboys vs. Vikings clash, he insists as usual that both running defenders matter, with the eternal nod to the “when Zeke goes, so go cowboys” notion.

But the NFL Network hints at a new wrinkle for Week 11, the idea that Zeke – “light years ahead” from where he was after missing two games with a sprained knee – will be “softened” back into the lineup, with Pollard “to get more touches,” it seems, than Elliott with knee pads.

Our gentle suggestion: the game’s script, at least as much as any pre-game concept, will be a factor in who does what.

NOVEMBER 18 TANK INJURY ISSUES Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said Friday morning that DeMarcus Lawrence (feet, knee) will have limited work opportunities at The Star today.

But he added: “I have every intention of him playing” in Sunday’s Vikings match.

Lawrence, who has a history of playing after serious injuries, is indeed ready to do it again.

“My right knee hurts more than my feet,” he said. “Now I’m dealing with so many things. I’m just trying to focus on the task at hand.”

But… are you playing on Sunday?

Ezekiel Elliott (knee) and Anthony Barr are also on track to return to the pitch this weekend.

McCarthy on Zeke: “I predict he’ll go.”

McCarthy on Barr: “He’s on track to play Sunday.”

NOVEMBER 17 NEW GUESTS AT WORK The Cowboys added two ‘name’ players to their roster through the training squad, and on Thursday the new guys – defender Takk McKinley and tackler Antonio Callaway – took to the field here at The Star.

Callaway, a former Browns starter, wears number 14.

Takk, a former first-round starter with the Falcons, is No. 59.

NOVEMBER 16 Chicago Wants Taco The Chicago Bears acquired Taco Charlton from the New Orleans Saints training team.

The former cowboy, drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft by Dallas, played with him for two seasons before being cut. Charlton’s time with the Cowboys was a disappointment, picking up just four sacks in 27 games.

His new contract with the Bears reunites him with current head coach Matt Eberflus, the former linebackers coach for the Cowboys when Charlton was drafted.

NOVEMBER 16 PARTY The Dallas Cowboys made another move. The Cowboys signed defensive Takk McKinley to the training team after hosting him for summer training.

McKinley is a former first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, won by the Atlanta Falcons under then-head coach Dan Quinn. McKinley played four seasons with Atlanta before playing his final two with the Browns and Rams.

The move comes after Tuesday’s signing of another “named” player who is looking for a reboot as former Browns starter Antonio Callaway joined the club through a training squad.

NOVEMBER 15 TRIAL CENTER The Cowboys have moved UDFA rookie mid laner Alex Lindstrom to IR and now they need help there, a source says, with three candidates now undergoing trials here at The Star.

Beau Benzschawel played in Wisconsin and was undrafted in 2019.

Brock Hoffman is a UDFA rookie from Virginia Tech.

Michał Menet was selected by Arizona in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft outside of Penn State.

Dallas’s starting center is still Tyler Bleach, with Lindstrom working as a backup.

NOVEMBER 15 ROCK-BOTTOM RAMS The Los Angeles Rams will be without their best offensive weapon for at least four weeks after they named wide receiver Cooper Kupp to the injured reserve, Rams Sean McVay announced.

Kupp was injured during the Rams’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday due to a severe ankle sprain he suffered late in the game.

Kupp will miss at least four weeks and will undergo rope surgery to repair the injury. Recovery from rope surgery usually takes five to six weeks, according to reports.

McVay did not rule out Kupp for the season.

Kupp is the Rams’ overwhelming leader in most statistics scored, and currently ranks second in the NFL in receptions (75), fifth in goals scored (98), fifth in yards (812), and fifth in touchdowns (6).

Read more about the “bottom rams” sneaking up on the NFC 6-3 Dallas Cowboys try to keep up here.

NOVEMBER 13 DALLAS TIE 7-ALL The Cowboys at Packers game is all about getting Dallas close to the goal line… but also getting just one goal in the first quarter.

CeeDee Lamb catches TD from QB Dak Prescott as the receiver flew out of the back room… but after Dallas changed to a 14-0 lead, Prescott threw an interception in the end zone.

And at 4:54 to the end of the first half at Lambeau Field, Aaron Rodgers responded with a TD deep pass to rookie Christian Watson, who tied the score at 7.

NOVEMBER 12 COWBOYS AND TILLERS? The Los Angeles Chargers are dropping former first-round defender Jerry Tillery, and the Dallas Cowboys, who are always looking to bolster a good defense (albeit with some challenges that could stop running as they prepare for Sunday in Green Bay), would like a piece share.

But there’s a problem – the problem of being too good.

The 6-6, 295-pound Tillery has fallen out of favor with the Chargers coaching staff this year as he recorded just eight tackles before being waived on Friday. So the first round selection of the 2019 NFL Draft will start somewhere anew…

But the way the waiver order works, the worst teams get the first claims. And Dallas – with his 6-2 record – will go to the bottom of the teams with a shot in his direction.

This process could begin early next week, with teams like the Texans, who won one round, looking like the most logical winners.

Finished 28th overall in 2019, the 26-year-old Tillery was in his fourth season with the Chargers after starting 29 of 54 games played, with 106 tackles and 10.5 sacks.

NOVEMBER 2 SCOOP TRIALS The Cowboys did 10 training sessions at The Star in Frisco on Wednesday and we have a list…

Scoop: #Cowboys BIG FA training at The Star…

More info as we collect if. …

NOVEMBER 1ST SUSPENDED RIDLEY… EXCHANGE?! Calvin Ridley’s bizarre story just keeps getting weirder.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, in dire need of the difference makers, explored the idea of ​​a trade for disgruntled Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley about a year ago.

But several problems stood in the way.

First, the gifted recipient left Atlanta citing mental health reasons; apparently he was contemplating retirement.

The Falcons then arranged for him to be traded to the Eagles – but voluntarily backed out of the deal because the Falcons knew Ridley was about to receive a one-year suspension for betting on NFL games.

The Falcons did it in good faith. And now they’re doing something else: He was traded to the long-interested Jags in what the NFL Network calls a “complicated” deal that could ultimately secure Atlanta’s second- and fifth-round picks.

NOVEMBER 1 WR DEAL Put this in the “Do Something” category of moves that don’t actually make much sense – or at least wouldn’t make sense for Dallas.

The Bears just traded a second-round pick to a receiver in Chase Claypool, who has an average production (including only one TD catch this year and zero two-target catches for the Steelers last week), but who was on some level on the Dallas radar. .

But no. Not for a second round pick. … which may prove too expensive for Dallas to consider in discussions with Brandin Cooks, a much more proven professional than Claypool.

NOVEMBER 1 CHUBB TO MIAMI Bradley Chubb traded to AFC East as the Dolphins re-enter the Buffalo Bills arms race. Full story here.

NOVEMBER 1 TJ TO MINNY TJ Hockenson is going to see a lot of Cowboys. His Lions just played in Dallas… and now, later this month, his Vikings – as that’s where the strained endgame swap was made – will see the Cowboys again. Full story here.

NOVEMBER 1 COST The Cowboys continue to be linked to rush trade rumors (see Bradley Chubb)…not that we totally see the logic.

But just in case, it’s worth knowing the price.

We know this because the Los Angeles Rams bid for the Panthers edge Brian Burns is through. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, consisting of two first-round picks.

It seems likely that the Panthers turned down the Rams’ offer for these two first years, as they would arrive in 2024 and 2025; that’s all the Rams have.

But it could also indicate how much Karolina really doesn’t want to lose her main slave artist.

And that might suggest how unlikely Dallas is going down that path.

NOVEMBER 1 JOKER Kareem Hunt had just played in Cleveland’s 32-13 win over Cincinnati on Monday Night Football and it was Halloween. So it made perfect sense that he would celebrate in his own way.

“I mean, I’m ready for anything, man,” Hunt told “I’m a footballer and this is business. So I’m ready to do whatever they decide with me.”

“Either you go somewhere else or here, it doesn’t matter. I love playing soccer,” said Hunt, who must also love being the “Joker” on Halloween, considering he did a post-match interview in his Batman-themed mask.

OCTOBER 31 HUNTING TO THE EAST NFC? According to many rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in the Cleveland Browns as a defender for Kareem Hunt. It has been suggested that the Browns would move the former NFL champion and their backup running back to maybe just a fourth-round pick, with Hunt serving in Philadelphia as a backup for Miles Sanders.

NFL pundit Jay Glazer noted that he saw the Eagles trade for a running back, adding credibility – if not logic – to the rumor. Assuming one of the reasons for Hunt’s unhappiness at Cleveland is that he’s an aide to starting Nick Chubb… why should he be happy as Sanders’ backup?

But say something about Philadelphia: at 7-0, the roster that has been built is the result of many, many right moves.

OCTOBER 31 “WEIGHTED” ROQUAN TRADE On Sunday, the Chicago Bears lost 49-29 to the Dallas Cowboys, which was considered “embarrassing” by lineman Roquan Smith.

And now Smith is being traded to the Baltimore Ravens. …and thus jumps from a 3-5 NFC loser to a 5-3 AFC winner.

The Bears are reportedly getting a second and fifth round as the Ravens work towards a long-term extension for young talent.

OCTOBER 31 BRANDIN COOKS TIES In our last two conversations with Texas sources, the organization continues to downplay the idea of ​​a dealer in Brandin Cooks.

And there are exorbitant reasons why he would move, as 1) we believe Houston would ask for a second-round pick in return, and 2) he has a $18 million price tag locked into 2023.

But would it help Dallas or another rival team? There is no doubt that the veteran ‘get the top’ has been successful in Houston (in seven starts this year, the 29-year-old has 32 catches for 354 yards and one touchdown) despite shaky QB play.

He is a longtime 1000 yard guest and his name has now appeared in two media spots, in Dallas and New York. Are the Cowboys really interested in spending here?

OCTOBER 31 STEPHEN JONES TIPS FOR OBJ? Despite Jerry Jones’ “itching” and “risk-taking” mentality, Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones said the Cowboys were “feeling comfortable” on the videoout.

But then Stephen added, “And then there are some guys who don’t belong to anyone who’s out there.”

Stephen’s quote and our “who” list is here.

OCTOBER 31 DANCE TO DATE OF CONTRACTS? The Dallas Cowboys and the rest of the NFL face a trade deadline on Tuesday afternoon… and one-on-one with Jerry Jones leaves our Mike Fisher believing Jerry has ‘The Itch’.

Fish writes, “Jerry Jones has an ‘itch.’

“My 32 years of Dallas Jones-era chronicles make no guarantees as to what the Cowboys will do between now and Tuesday’s deadline. “Who”? “What”? Openly discussed wide receiver?

“These dances cannot be danced alone; Jerry – and Stephen Jones and Will McClay, the most directly involved – need willing partners.

“But this is what I can say after a few post-game media sessions and then a Christmas elevator ride on the way to Jones’ AT&T Stadium suite:

“Jerry Jones wants there to be an opportunity where he can use his confidence in his ‘feel, courage, instinct and willingness to go out there and take risks.’

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Who was the best QB in the 90s?


This may interest you :
OTTUMWA — The defending national champion Indian Hills cheer and dance team…

Who played for the Cowboys in 1995?

PosPlayerSummary of player stats
Offensive starters
QBTroy Aikman*280 for 432, 3304 yards, 16 td, 7 int and 21 rushes for 32 yards and 1 td
RBEmmitt Smith*377 hops at 1773 yards, 25 tons and 62 catches at 375 yards and 0 tons
full boardDaryl Johnston25 jumps for 111 yards, 2 touchdowns and 30 catches for 248 yards, 1 touchdown

Who was the Dallas Cowboy quarterback in 1995? #8 Troy Aikman – Quarterback 1989-2000. To see also : Two Ridgeley Rams players and cheerleaders celebrate their victory..

Who is the most famous Dallas Cowboy of all time? That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Troy Aikman. He has always been able to find his people on the field and is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He is only the third player in league history to lead a team to three Super Bowl victories. He is the all-time best passer in Cowboys history.

Who did the Cowboys play in 1995 Super Bowl?

Dallas would be the first team ever to win three Super Bowls in four seasons (later matched by the New England Patriots in the 2001-2004 seasons). Switzer led the Cowboys to their fifth Super Bowl victory by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. See the article : Sources: Snyder’s boss claims ‘dirt’ on NFL owners.

Who did the Cowboys beat in the 1995 playoffs? The National Football League playoffs for the 1995 season began on December 30, 1995. The postseason tournament ended with a Dallas Cowboys victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, 27–17, on January 28, 1996, at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys play in the 1995 Super Bowl? The Cowboys defeated the Steelers by a score of 27–17 to win their fifth Super Bowl in team history and the last in 2022. The game was played on January 28, 1996 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. the first time the Super Bowl was played in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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