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Adriana Esposito has served as an integral part of the East Haven cheerleading squad’s success in recent years, earning her a team captaincy this winter for the Yellowjackets. Photo courtesy of Adriana Esposito

When it comes to cheerleading, Adriana Esposito enjoys the mental moves within the competition. And he has become a master tactician, learning the many tricks and techniques of being a successful athlete.

The senior captain of the East Haven cheerleading team started dancing at the age of 2, but then during middle school, she was attracted to the mat and joined her cheerleading team at that level.

After being part of the Yellowjackets team that captured the runner-up spot at the SCC Championship last winter, he has returned and left an indelible mark as the team’s leader as East Haven looks to win the title. he is the main SCC this season.

“With cheerleading, there’s a lot of movement and movement with strategic cooperation, which I love,” says Adriana. “This group is like my second family. Every girl and everyone and the coach have influenced me and helped me become a better person. Ever since I started cheerleading, I’ve wanted to push myself by focusing on stunts and dance. I belong to teams. All-SCC and All-State this year and I want to be successful.”

The road to fame was not paved for Adriana. He says he had to battle a serious back injury sustained during training last year. However determined as ever, he returned to running for his team.

Adriana says: “In my junior year, I used to run in my sports and I would twist my back and I couldn’t fall. “I had to miss seven months, and I had to see a chiropractor, take X-rays and do physical therapy. After the injury, I kept pushing myself to get back into competition.”

East Haven Head Coach Tianna Speringo knows that Adriana has every quality one could want in a team captain, with her positive attitude and dedication to her job. and the group every day.

“Adriana has been happy for six years. She always has a positive attitude and a positive attitude, and she’s always ready to give it her all and give it her all,” says Speringo. “Adriana plays a big role in our team. It is a base and a tumbler. He is always willing to help everyone and motivate the team. Adriana is a dedicated athlete and trains both on and off the mat. When naming this season’s captains, Adriana was another athlete who stood out to me because of her determination and dedication to her team and the East Haven High School community. “

Additionally, at the Yellowjackets campus, Adriana balances additional commitments, as she is part of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) group, where she serves as vice president and takes all advanced courses.

Adriana says: “Balancing everything takes a lot of work, but I’m thinking about the future.” “I want to be an engineer, and I have to take those classes to get there. I study every night, and the support of my family has helped me a lot.”

Adriana explains that the director’s title is a coveted one, although she knows and sees what it means to get the prize. As director, Adriana loves the opportunity to be a guiding voice and role model for the program’s youth.

“Being a captain is a big responsibility; everyone wants the honor, but for me, it shows me how much work I have done,” says Adriana. “I like to help other girls with things they may be afraid to do. It motivates me to keep going.”

Being placed high in the conference championships last winter was a huge boost not only after the Yellowjackets’ efforts this campaign but also their camaraderie from the tournament.

Adriana says: “Last year, we had some of the highest scores in the school. “Since last year and our place at the SCCs, we have been very close, and we want to stay active this year. Everyone is trying to work hard to keep the pace.”

As she begins to think about the next chapters of her life in engineering, Adriana is not yet ready to close the blue and yellow book on the Yellowjackets. He wants to spend his time with this team on top, along with many of his close teammates.

“I want to go to the University of Rhode Island next year and look into joining the cheer team. But this season, we have the motivation to do our best as a team,” says Adriana. “All the girls They’ve been wonderful friends. They’ve stuck by me and helped me. I’ve also learned that hanging out with people for a long time can make you who you are.”

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