Family Mourns ‘Our Greatest Cheerleader’ Died in Dance Studio …

Grieving relatives have begun to identify victims who were slaughtered Saturday night at a Lunar New Year party inside a Los Angeles County dance hall, as hospital officials announced Monday that an 11th person has died in the massacre.

The family of 65-year-old Mymy Nhan said in a statement that she was the first person killed Saturday night at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park — a city with a large Chinese and Chinese-American immigrant population. .

Nhan has been a regular at the ballroom for years, her family said, adding that “Saturday was her last dance.”

“If you knew her, you knew her warm smile and kindness were contagious,” the statement said. “She was a loving aunt, sister, daughter and friend. Mymy was the greatest leader.”

The owner of the studio, Ming Wei Ma, was also killed in the shooting. Many teachers from the dance hall identified Ma as one of the victims on several Facebook pages, and one of his friends told CBS News that he was shot while trying to stop the shooter.

“He was the first to shoot fast,” Eric Chen told CBS. “He was just caring, and others first, people first kind of person.”

Nina Zhiting Yang, an instructor at Star Ballroom Dance Studio, posted on Sunday that “Mr. Ma” had the opportunity when she was 19 or 20 years old to become an instructor – even though she was new to Los Angeles with no experience. teaching and imperfect English.

Marek Klepadlo, another teacher, said Sunday night that he and Yang were not in the studio when the shooting happened.

“There are many who were unlucky last night,” Klepadlo posted. “Our hearts are heavy and words cannot describe how we feel.”

Dariusz Michalski, also a teacher, posted a tribute to Ma himself.

“Your love, the joy of people will never be forgotten,” Michalski wrote. Your passion for dancing and singing will never die. I will never forget your screams in the studio…I love you my friend.”

Klepadlo, Yang and Michalski did not respond to multiple calls and messages from The Daily Beast.

Police are reluctant to release information about victims when they notify their families first, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said Sunday.

The name of the third victim, Lilan Li, 63, was released by the coroner’s office on Monday.

Although their names have not been released, deputies said all 10 victims killed at the scene — five men and five women — were at least 50 years old. An 11th person died of their injuries on Monday, but authorities did not immediately release their ages or genders.

Huu Can Tran, 72, is suspected to be the man behind the heinous crime. A probable cause has not been released by police, who said they found Tran dead Sunday afternoon from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Monterey Park Police Chief Scott Wiese suggested Monday that Tran’s motive was never fully revealed because he killed himself.

“We all want answers to questions we may never have answers to,” Wiese said. “That’s kind of the magic of this… Reason is a big part of this. The problem is, we may never know why.”

CNN reported that Tran’s ex-wife, who has not been named, said they first met decades ago at the same studio where he allegedly shot on Saturday. She said her ex-husband, a Chinese immigrant, ran the studio before their divorce in 2005. At the time, she said, he was an “unofficial” dance instructor there who would give customers free lessons.

The woman said Tran was not violent but was “quick to anger” — especially if she put the wrong foot on the dance floor, which would cause him to “sometimes explode.”

Los Angeles authorities have not said when they plan to release new information about Tran or the other unidentified victims.

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