I’m an NFL cheerleader – people never care about my skin, I’ve revealed the smudge-proof way I cover my tan…

A CHEERLEADER has shared a key part of his matchday routine that will shock people at how simple it is.

She showed viewers step-by-step how she covers her tattoos with smudge-proof makeup.

Anyssa Suprenant is a hairdresser for the Miami Dolphins and a professional NFL cheerleader.

She shares many parts of her life, from her morning routine to the behind-the-scenes moments of practice.

According to NFL cheer rules, no tattoos or piercings are allowed, so cheerleaders are made to remove all jewelry and hide or cover tattoos with makeup.

In one video, the brunette detailed her arm tattoo concealment routine “completely waterproof, smudge-proof, no transfer.”

At the beginning of the video, Suprenant wore a yellow strapless crop top as she began the lengthy process to make the tattoo on her right arm invisible.

She first applied foundation to her arm before applying Stop the Sweat, $20, a clear liquid designed to “stop sweat and shine,” with a beauty blender.

“Use a sponge that you don’t really care that much or even like a cotton pad,” said the creator.

Next, the beautician tapped and brushed on Kryolan Professional Makeup TV Paint Stick, $27.80 in FS26 for a full matte finish.

The product gave easy coverage almost instantly.

“Now that it’s almost completely covered, I’m going in a little more from the sides,” she demonstrated.

To set the makeup, she took a fluffy brush and brushed it along the sides of the covered area to “polish and blend.”

“Pretty seamless. Blends perfectly with my hand and color. Love it,” she said as the video ended.

Many people were quick to share their fascination with tipping in the comments.

“They just need to get over the fact that some of the nurses, doctors and in your case pro cheerleaders have tattoos. Tattoos are beautiful,” one viewer commented.

“Why did that cover go so easily? So rewarding too,” added another.

“The fact that you were able to cover up so well without a color corrector or layering product is insane!! Note,” one fan praised.

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