Kaavia James Is The Biggest Cheerleader For Her Parents Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Before a Night Out

January 23, 2023 at 3:39 PM EST

Gabrielle Union doesn’t need a hype team, because her 4-year-old daughter Kaavia James already brings her mom the most positive energy! Shady Baby recently hyped her parents, Union and Dwyane Wade, for a night out, and it’s impossible to hold back your smile while watching this super cute video.

“If I eat them and speak words of encouragement. #BeautifulGowns 🤣😎🖤,” was the caption of the video posted on Kaavia’s Instagram page (run by her parents). In the beginning, Kaavia holds her mother’s hand while they take pictures. She is dressed in her red and blue plaid school uniform, while her mother stuns in a sequined dress that is pink-and-green on top and black on the bottom.

While Union pulls a serious face for the camera, Kaavia brings lightness to the photoshoot by flashing the peace sign and the biggest smile. She then turns, puts down an arm and gives duck lips – and then it’s smiling again. At one point she even sticks out her tongue. This girl is a natural!

Later, Kaavia wraps her mom in a big hug and then hops away. Her father walks down the stairs dressed all in black and Kaavia jumps up and down to greet him with excited energy. How could you not feel confident afterwards?

Union and Wade were all dressed up for the Truth Be Told season 3 premiere, in which Union plays Eva. The actress shared another behind-the-scenes video of them posing in the mirror ahead of the event. Kaavia dances cute in the background.

Many people commented on Kaavia’s big girl support for her parents. “Kaav, the rents look good!” one person wrote. “You are ready 25/8 with those 2! 😊 Well done raising them!😂”

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