Lumberton cheerleader wins United-8 title

The Lumberton cheerleading team won the United-8 Conference cheerleading championship at a tournament held Jan. 14 in Fayetteville.

FAYETTEVILLE — The Lumberton High School cheerleading team earned a conference title when the Pirates captured the United-8 Conference crown at the conference tournament Jan. 14 in Fayetteville.

Lumberton won the Game Day division championship ahead of runner-up Jack Britt in the contest held at Douglas Byrd.

“I don’t think a lot of people think of cheerleading as a sport, but these girls have put in two seasons,” Lumberton coach Jamie Britt said. “Actually, I’ve had a team for two seasons. There aren’t many people who are on the same team almost all year round, so it’s nice for them to get some recognition for their work.”

The Game Day division consists of many of the tasks that cheerleaders perform at basketball and football games, including band chants, offense or defense chants, crowd cheering, and the fight song.

“After COVID, I found that’s the easiest thing to do because the skills and dedication aren’t there for high school sports like they used to be,” Britt said. “We basically joined the Game Day (division) and that’s what we’re focused on, and it’s easier for us because that’s what we practice, that’s what we do every week.”

The event marked the first time in Britt’s nine years leading the Pirates that a conference tournament was held.

Looking ahead, the 24-member Pirates team is trying to raise money to attend the UCA High School Tournament in Orlando, Florida.

“It gets better as it goes, and that’s the important part,” Britt said. “As long as you’re able to give these kids an opportunity to be in front of people and get an opportunity to go to Florida … it’s about giving these kids opportunities and experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. “

Purnell Swett finished fourth in the Game Day division; a traditional tournament was also held, consisting of cheers and a 1 1/2-minute routine to music, and the Rams finished third.

Two Purnell Swett cheerleaders, Makaylee Emanuel and Lillymae Ellerbee, made the all-conference first team.

“Their dedication and hard work, their skills (make them good cheerleaders),” Purnell Swett coach Chris McIntyre said. “They have great talent, great movements, great facial expressions. They provide everything you would expect a cheerleader to be.”

Lumberton’s Kelsey Nance was also named honorable mention All-Conference after Britt let her team vote on which member would be selected.

“She’s a good leader,” Britt said. “She treats everyone the same, loves cheerleading, wants the best for everyone and is willing to do whatever it takes for the team.”

Is Lumberton High School 4A?

The UIL revised its conference cutoff numbers â Lumberton ISD will return to 4A the next two years. See the article : Federal lawsuits accuse the cheerleading industry of sexually abusing children.

Is Lumberton 4A? As of the update, Lumberton’s enrollment numbers would place them in 4A Division I. The initial numbers were released on Dec. 12.

What is Lumberton High School’s department? Lumberton High School students are part of Texas Education Agency Region 05.

What county are the Lumberton Raiders in? Lumberton High School is a high school in Lumberton, Texas. It is operated by the Lumberton Independent School District.

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