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Loving Texans now, Zone.

As it should be. The Jaguars on Saturday moved into first place in the AFC South as the Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, Tenn. More importantly, Saturday’s defeat by the Titans guarantees that the 2022 AFC South title will be decided when the Jaguars (7-8) host the Titans (7-8) at TIAA Bank Field in Week 18. Neither team can take the division next week, and the winner of the Week 18 game will have tiebreaker advantage if that team finishes in a draw.

Should the Jaguars rest starters in Week 17?

Complicated. If the Miami Dolphins win on Sunday and the Los Angeles Chargers win on Monday, the Jaguars can no longer qualify for the postseason as a wild card team. That would make Sunday’s Jaguars-Texans game meaningless in postseason terms. At the same time, the Jaguars are a hot team – and a young team – and Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson may want to keep this team playing hard as what is now essentially a postseason game in Week 18 approaches. It’s a delicate balance.

So, I guess this answers the question which is better, a Top 3 defense or a franchise player behind the wheel (and a coaching staff who knows how to plan opponents)?

I don’t know if this has ever been a question – not in the last four or five decades in the NFL, and certainly not now. Top 3 defense in the NFL is important. You can win with a Top 3 defense. But a franchise quarterback, as we started to see with quarterback Trevor Lawrence, can make plays over the Xs and Os and control the game consistently in ways that defenses have a hard time matching. Another issue, as evident with the Jaguars’ excellent 2016-2018 defense, is bringing together the many players necessary to maintain the best defense over the long term. Franchise quarterbacks are not only a better choice in the short term, they are also better in the long term. Assuming the franchise quarterback stays healthy and can win out of pocket, players can be signed for the long haul and therefore a foundation for a decade or so. The dominant defense almost certainly couldn’t last that long.

Merry Xmas John, I was wondering what Doug would do to improve the direction of the team some time ago. Whatever he has been doing, it has clearly worked. The fortitude they show to not let their heads hang down when things don’t go their way is amazing and they are clearly having fun and playing for themselves and each other. Trevor is also seen to be the team leader. Long may this continue. The Jets win is a delightful Christmas gift from Jags to all of our Fans. Thank you.

While I understand the question, I’m not sure I fully agree with the premise. That’s because I’ve never seen Jaguar’s direction this season so damaged it needs to be repaired. The team showed significant improvement since the start of the season. While they lost the close game, the team is clearly moving in the right direction. I don’t know that Pederson has to change direction as much as he needs to be patient and keep showing the young team how to work, how to improve and win. Time was also needed to allow Lawrence’s clear improvement to reach a level that not only put the Jaguars close to victory but allowed them to start winning. I think over the first few months of the season we’ll see enough improvement for the Jaguars to win games at the end of the season and feel really good about the future at the end of the season. I didn’t expect the future to arrive so soon.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, England

Oh Mighty ‘O’ / King of all Funk, Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends, and all Jags fans around the world. Hope you have a pleasant and peaceful time. Happy Holidays from Across the Pond.

The Jags were slow to start but once they found their rhythm it was something special to watch. I’m starting to think they’re starting to get slow to get a feel for the defense. If so, that’s a brilliant strategy. Wondering if you think this is possible. Thanks for everything you do and happy holidays!

You seem to be asking if I believe the Jaguars start slow on purpose to get a feel for opposing defenses. No, I don’t think this.

This is fun! My expectations for this season are improvement throughout the year with signs of a young team and new coaching staff showing progress… oh yeah, and finding out if we have “the one”. Mission accomplished. I’d be disappointed if they don’t make the playoffs at this point, but all is well at this point. Anything else you’ve noticed in the last few games?

The AFC South title and the playoffs are the storyline now.

God Bless Frank Gore. God Bless this tough team. It’s been a long road to get to this point, but it makes it that much sweeter. If they make it to the playoffs, how surprising would that rank in NFL history?

That would be surprising. I had no idea that it would be so much more surprising than the many playoff appearances. I don’t know if it will be more surprising than, say, a 1996 Jaguar. But yeah… it will be.

It’s always Jags!!!! Probably the best sentence to describe this team

Impressive win over a very good defense, but SLIDE TREVOR! I cringe every time he shoots. It was amazing to watch the Jags win in December.

Lawrence is learning and growing before our eyes. He has greatly improved in many areas, and is improving at a speed that I did not expect. I really didn’t expect him to be as efficient and effective as he has been in the last seven games so quickly. But yeah… she needs to improve a bit in knowing when to slide and when to put herself at risk. And the latter should be slightly reduced.

Hey John, do we have a chance to enter the playoffs via wildcard?

What seems to get lost in the shuffle during this delightful streak of wins is how the offense doesn’t shoot itself in the foot by committing a ridiculous false start penalty. Trevor releasing the ball very quickly helps cut down on holding calls, but credit goes to O-line for the penalty free football they’ve played, especially when hit.

The Jaguars’ offensive line has long been the team’s most overly criticized unit. It’s been a long time better than most fans realize. While many have praised this season’s unit, I have received numerous emails after various games this season requesting that the line be changed. But yes… the unit in the last few weeks has shown another team strength – especially considering the injuries the unit has suffered recently.

Thanks Jags for letting us open your Christmas gifts early, and a very Merry “I don’t have to travel to NFL city!” Christmas to you, John.

Oh, you know what all the NFL teams want for this Christmas season? Not to play the Jaguars!

Jaguars are hot. If they can make it into the postseason – and there is a very good chance – they will be a tough opponent.

The NFL will finally sell its product to digital consumers in the US starting in 2023. Jags fans everywhere will be able to watch every game! One for all of us!

The Jags take on the Texas in January and no one is thinking or talking about how the result will affect 2023 draft standings. I’m pretty sure at this time last year many Jag fans were more focused on draft position and personnel than next week’s opponent. I’m happy to say I have no idea who Todd McShay has at number one.

I’m pretty sure currently nine out of the last 10 years many Jag fans are more focused on draft position and personnel than next week’s opponent. Times change. Hit it: Times have changed. This is not a coincidence. It’s a new era.

It’s Christmas. I still don’t like you. But I wouldn’t say you suck. At least not today.

How much longer will the ozone layer last?

What will happen if the ozone layer dies? All life on Earth as we know it would cease to exist without the ozone layer. This protective layer keeps the full power of the sun’s UV radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface. On the same subject : MontCo Woman Named New Eagle Cheerleader | Montgomeryville, Pa. Patch. If this radiation reaches the earth’s surface unhindered, it can cause skin cancer and cataracts.

How much of the ozone layer will remain in 2022? Globally, the average column total is about 300 Dobson Units. On October 3, 2022, scientists recorded the lowest total column ozone value of 101 Dobson Units at the South Pole.

Are we still losing the ozone layer? The hole in the ozone layer — the part of the stratosphere that protects our planet from the sun’s ultraviolet rays — continues to decrease.

How many years will ozone layer recover?

If global policies remain in place, the ozone layer is expected to recover to 1980 levels by 2040 across most of the world, the assessment found. Read also : NFL UK celebrates International Dance Day. For the polar regions, the recovery period is longer: 2045 over the North Pole and 2066 over Antarctica.

Can ozone be restored? The weakened ozone layer, which is critical to protecting life on Earth, is on track to be restored to full strength within decades — the latest success of global efforts by countries to stop using chemicals that are destroying Earth’s critical layers. upper atmosphere.

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What is the current state of the ozone layer 2022?

At the end of September 2022, the Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum area of ​​24. This may interest you : Cordarrelle Patterson activated off IR among flurry of Falcons roster moves.5 million km². As of early November 2022, the Antarctic ozone hole is as large and long lasting as it was in 2021 and 2020 [i].

Is the ozone layer still being damaged today? According to meteorologists at the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, by early 2022, the amount of ozone-depleting substances in our stratosphere had fallen by 50% to levels last seen before the ozone hole became a problem. But we still have a way to go before the ozone layer heals.

Is the ozone layer still healing in 2022? In this NASA pseudo-color image, blue and purple shows a hole in Earth’s protective ozone layer over Antarctica on Oct. 5, 2022. Earth’s protective ozone layer is slowly but markedly healing at a rate that will completely repair the hole over Antarctica in about 43 years, new United Nations report say.

What is the status of the ozone layer now? In the last quarter of 2022, scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reported that the hole in the ozone layer continues to shrink. The hole is located above Antarctica and between September 7 and October 13, 2022, it has an average area of ​​23.2 million square kilometers.

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