Teenager convicted of stabbing rival cheerleader

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (WCBS) – A New York teenager will spend several years in prison after pleading guilty to the stabbing death of a rival deputy.

The emotional moments came Tuesday when a judge sentenced the 15-year-old deputy to three to nine years in prison. The girl was charged in the stabbing death of 16-year-old Kayla Green, a member of a rival gang in Mount Vernon, New York.

Green’s mother, Laverne Gordon, spoke in court afterward of the pain she will feel forever at losing her promising daughter.

“Her killer gets out after three years to live his life, have a family, have a career. My daughter will never see that,” Gordon said.

Green was attacked after a rally in Mount Vernon to celebrate a basketball championship in April 2022. The attacker was a 15-year-old armed with a knife that he had shown on social media earlier. on the 8th of April.

It is difficult to understand the motive.

“There has been a long-standing rivalry between two cheerleading teams in Mount Vernon,” said Westchester County Judge Susan Cacace.

Cacace said the suspect, who has not been named because of his age, had a history of violent behavior.

Prosecutors say there is no way to fully understand what set him on his deadly path.

Prosecutor James Bavero said: “This was a deliberate, senseless and brutal crime, which caused immeasurable pain.

The 15-year-old boy showed remorse in court, crying as he read the sentence.

“I think about all the different decisions I could have made that day that could have kept Kayla alive and saved her family this heartache. But that’s why everyone is here today because I made the wrong decisions,” read another statement.

The judge pointed to a sign of hope, saying that the 15-year-old child is thriving in custody, and hopes that the young person is on his way to doing something with his life.

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Is the guy from Cheer still in jail?

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Did the Cheer boy go to jail? ‘CHEER’ STAR JERRY HARRIS Prison life is nothing to cheer about Jerry is a month into his 12-year prison sentence for his pornography case.

Was Jerry from Cheer found guilty? CHICAGO – A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced Jerry Harris, the former star of the Netflix series “Cheer,” to 12 years in prison for forcing teenage boys to send him photos and videos of themselves. obscenities and soliciting sex from children at cheerleading competitions. .

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What is Bernadette Protti name now?

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How old is Bernadette Protti? Protti was sentenced to more than nine years, but was released seven years later in 1992 on parole at the age of 23. Costas’ parents strongly opposed Protti’s release.

Is the Lifetime movie Death of a Cheerleader based on a true story? The film is based on the true case of developer Kirsten Costas, who was stabbed to death by her jealous classmate Bernadette Protti.

Where is Kirsten Costas?

Meanwhile, Bernadette had arrived home around ten o’clock at night. Thinking that Kirsten had told the police who had stabbed her, she waited for the police to arrive and put her in cuffs. On the same subject : Banner day at states for Colgan, Brentsville cheerleaders. It didn’t happen. Instead, Bernadette went with her mother in the evening. At 11 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 1984, Kirsten Costas was pronounced dead.

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