Kaavia James Is The Biggest Cheer For Her Parents Gabrielle And Dwyane Wade’s Union Before A Night Out

Gabrielle Union doesn’t need a hype team, because her 4-year-old daughter Kaavia James already brings the most positive energy for her mom! Shady Baby recently hyped up his parents, Union and Dwyane Wade, before a night out, and it’s impossible to keep a smile from watching this super cute video.

“When I eat them and offer words of encouragement. #BeautifulGowns 🤣😎🖤,” captioned the video posted on Kaavia’s Instagram page (run by her parents). At first, Kaavia holds her mother’s hand as they take pictures. blue while her mom stuns in a pink and green sequined dress above and black below.

Kaavia James delivers the cutest monologue for her father Dwyane Wade’s birthday and wedding; It’s a wild hike filled with love

While Union puts on a serious face for the camera, Kaavia is bringing levity to the photoshoot by holding up her peace sign and delivering the biggest smiles. Then he pivots, lowering one arm and giving duck lips – then smiles again. At one point he even sticks out his tongue. This girl is natural!

Later, Kaavia wraps her mother in a big hug, then walks away. Her father comes down the stairs dressed in black and Kaavia jumps up and down to greet him with excited energy. How could you not feel confident afterwards?

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Union and Wade were all dressed up for the Season 3 premiere of Truth Be Told, in which Union plays Eve. The actress shared another behind-the-scenes video of them ahead of the event posing in the mirror. Kaavia gracefully dances in the background.

Many people have commented on Kaavia’s big girl support for her parents. “Kaav, you have ‘rentals that look good!” one person wrote. “You’re on watch 25/8 with those 2! 😊 Great job raising them!😂”

“Our shady little boy is growing up SO FAST😩,” said another.

One person wrote: “This little girl is so beautiful!!! ”

Kaavia James is no stranger to getting dolled up on her own, but we love how even on the nights she stays home, she’s filled with excitement for her parents. She’s the supportive friend everyone wishes they had!

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What does the name Kaavia mean?

Aside from the personal meaning the baby’s name has for Union and her husband of four years, Dwyane Wade, the name Kaavia has Indian/Sanskrit origins and means ‘a work of art’. Read also : “It’s Not For Everyone I Know I’m That Girl”: Carmella Says As She Reveals Her Training Routine.

What does Kayvia mean? Meaning: Noble, dear, kind. Kevia is an anglicised version of the popular Irish female name Caoimhe.

Where is James from in Kaavia? We wanted to include my family in his name, so the “James” is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my godfather.

Who was Kaavia Wade named after?

Kaavia James Union Wade! #paternity. But before people started thinking little Kaavia’s middle name, “James,” was a nod to Wade’s good friend and fellow NBA champion, LeBron James, new mom Gabrielle wanted to set the record straight. On the same subject : Howie Mandel Praises AGT’s Maddie Baez After Live Show Performance. The name is actually a combination of her and Wade’s family tree.

Who is Gabrielle Union’s daughter named after? “We wanted my family to be represented on his behalf. My godfather is my uncle James Glass. She is named after him..

How did Kaavia get her name? A fan later asked why they chose the middle name James, and Union replied that Kaavia is named after the actress’ godfather. âGood question. We wanted my family represented on his behalf. My godfather is my uncle James Glass.

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Why does Dwayne Wade have custody of his son?

Does Dwyane Wade have custody of his children? Dwyane Wade gets custody of the children. MIAMI – When the Miami Heat wrapped up practice on Sunday, Dwyane Wade returned home to his kids. On the same subject : Lorenzo Carter is moving on to 2022 in the Falcons offseason program…. It will be a regular occurrence in the future. Ending a long and often vindictive fight, a Chicago court awarded Wade the sole “care, custody and control” of his two children.

Does Dwyane Wade have full custody of Zaya? The couple separated the same year, and in 2011, Wade was granted full custody of Zaire and Zaya.

Why did Wade get custody? Funchess told DailyMail.com in 2012 that the custody decision was based on Wade’s “celebrity, influence and money.” “I think the flu had a lot to do with it,” she said. ‘Celebrities have had a lot to do with this. Money had a lot to do with it.

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