New York cheerleading captain ‘murdered’ in Lower Hudson Valley

A 16-year-old captain died during what was supposed to be a celebration for his school.

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah announced that a 15-year-old boy has been sentenced for the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Kayla Green in Mount Vernon.

LOOK: Here Are the 25 Best Places to Live in New York State

Stacker compiled a list of the best places to live in New York using information from Niche. Niches organize places to live based on a variety of factors including cost of living, education, health care, entertainment, and climate. See the article : NFL world reacts to Panthers new uniforms in action. Cities, suburbs, and towns were included. Listing and photos are from

On the list, there is a strong mix of cities from the best schools and night to the height of walking and public parks. Some areas have enjoyed great growth thanks to new businesses moving to the area, while others offer insights into the history of the area and well-developed buildings and museums. Read on to see if your community made the list.

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21 Places You Might Run into a Celebrity in The Hudson Valley

Hollywood on the Hudson is real! Looks like there’s a new celebrity sighting in the Hudson Valley. On the same subject : Black cheerleaders are calling for change. Will the NFL listen?. Here are some hot spots where you might run into a celebrity while walking around town.

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Nearly 50 Children Have Recently Gone Missing From New York State

Nearly 50 children from New York State and the Hudson Valley have gone missing recently. See the article : Game report: Browns 24, Jaguars 13. You can help a New York family reunite with a missing loved one.

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These 6 New York Counties Have The Most Drug Overdose Deaths

New York State officials are concerned that the death toll has increased by 85 percent. Below are the top 6 in terms of opioid overdose deaths per 100,000.

These Counties Have The Most Food Stamp Recipients Per Capita In New York

The use of SNAP has increased in the state since the beginning of the epidemic

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