The Wichita Falls Airport was not on the TSA’s 2022 Firearms List

Congratulations Wichita Falls! We didn’t make a fool of ourselves once!

I’m always fascinated when people travel with guns in their backpacks. I saw it happen twice while in security. The best excuse is, “I forgot what’s in it.” Well, don’t forget where your gun is, especially if you plan to travel with this bag. The gun will be confiscated and you will be fined. Also, the fine will be higher if a weapon is loaded in your bag.

By the way, I know you can walk away with guns. However, they must be in a checked bag and in a special travel container. No one should have a gun in their checked bag forever. However, every year, people try or forget that they have one on them. The TSA has released its 2022 annual report on the number of guns confiscated at security checkpoints across North Texas.

To no one’s surprise, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport led the pack with 385 guns confiscated. Dallas Love Field came in second with 127 guns confiscated, and the rest of North Texas fell off a cliff. Abilene, East Texas, and Tyler airports are all in the same numbers. However, there is only one airport where no one can steal a weapon in their luggage.

We are armed in 2022. 31,427 people departed from this airport last year according to TSA’s annual report. What’s crazy is, their data goes all the way back to 2018 and Wichita Falls hasn’t had a single gun confiscated in that time. So good job Wichita Falls. I know we have some people who aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, but no one should bring their gun to the airport with their luggage.

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