Utah High School Cheerleading Championships: 1A-4A Cheer

OREM, Utah – The 1A-4A Sideline/Timeout Cheer session of the 2023 Utah High School Competitive Cheerleading Championships is in the books.

If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered. Below, you will find a schedule of the schools that performed during that session. Also included is the timestamp for the video at the top of this story. The order below is based on the first team to perform in that session to the last.

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*NOTE: Some 5A teams performed during this session of the championships.

Utah High School Competitive Cheerleading Championships: 1A-4A Sideline/Timeout Cheer

All Girl Sideline/Timeout Cheer

Co-Ed Sideline/Timeout Cheer

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Is competitive cheer easy?

Competitive cheer often requires a very high level of skill in all areas of cheerleading; movements, jumps, delays, and falls. See the article : Watch: Baker Mayfield Responds To Fans Who Bore Him. These teams also devote many hours of practice and also a lot of money towards uniforms, travel, fields and gyms.

Is competitive cheerleading worth it? Is cheerleading worth it? It is tempting for us to just shout a resounding YES! â but the truth is that cheerleading is a big commitment, and it is not for everyone. Cheerleading has many benefits. It keeps you active, helps you build great friendships, instills good character qualities, and is fun!

What is competitive cheer? Competitive cheerleading is when cheerleading teams compete against each other in a competition. In a typical cheerleading competition, teams perform a 2 and a half minute routine to music that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling. Teams are judged by a panel of cheerleading experts in difficulty and execution.

What age should you start competitive cheerleading? “I could say that from seven to eight years is a good time to start. Around that age, they really know what they want. Tumbling before that would be a plus, but competitive animation should start around that age, because they are not not too shy and have that “edge”.

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Why is cheerleading not in the Olympics?

This means that the 2028 Games in Los Angeles are the first possible debut for the Olympic Games, but to be included in the Olympics, a majority vote of the 102 international members of the IOC must be secured. See the article : The Rams Cheerleaders will compete in the Amazing Race premiere on Wednesday.

Why is cheerleading not recognized as a sport? Underhill wrote, “Competitive cheerleading may, sometime in the future, qualify as a sport under Title IX; today, however, the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering a true opportunity for varsity athletic participation for students.â

Will cheerleading be in the 2022 Olympics? For the first time in the history of the Games, Competitive Cheerleading will be presented at the Special Olympics USA Games 2022. This sport consists of two events with more than 150 athletes! Athletes will be able to demonstrate their skills in their routine with cheers, stunts and spirit!

Why should cheerleading be an Olympic sport? The main reason why cheerleading is an Olympic sport is that it will increase the practice of the sport internationally, and impose a team in each country.

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