The NFL leaves other sports behind when it comes to fairness

It’s not really a game, is it? Entertainment and half-time shows. Give me a break.

But what’s with the shoulders and the hood? They should come and play football for a season. That’s going to be hard… sorry, I lost the will to live before the end of the paragraph.

Here are some of the events you’ll be hearing about over the next two weeks as all roads lead to Glendale, Arizona, on February 12th.

However, in the oft-mocked Disneyland that is the NFL, at the start of this season I can easily make a case for half of the 32 teams to reach Super Bowl LVII before it does. one skin. Yes, some are stronger than others, but none of them are dangerous.

Imagine if it was the same in the Premier League. If I had written a column daring to suggest Brighton, Wolves and Crystal Palace all had an outside chance of winning the title, Metro Sport would have taken me to the entertainment pages before the ink was dry!

Obviously, the NFL is not without its major problems and problems, well documented, but when it comes to competition, it leaves many other sports in its place.

Of the four teams still vying for the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Cincinnati Bengals have never won before and the San Francisco 49ers haven’t won since the 1994 season.

Then there are the Philadelphia Eagles, who dominated in 2017, for the only time in their history, and the Kansas City Chiefs, with megastar Patrick Mahomes, hoping to achieve their third big show in four years, with a recent win and hell of a battle for two. The two conference championships this weekend are too close to call.

It wasn’t always like this but now the NFL is a financial dream and a social paradise all wrapped into one.

It starts with the income of the country, which is done on television, media partners and others. The amount is filtered down to 32 teams divided equally by the last red cent. Over $300 million this season alone, to be fair, whether you’re the Chicago Bears, New York Jets or the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Then there is the local income, which is very different depending on the size of the individual market and the popularity, but even 40 percent of all ticket sales are redistributed, but only 60 percent remain in the national team.

It won’t stop a multibillionaire from using a franchise as his plaything, but that’s where the salary cap comes in. So how do you grease the wheels?

Well, the third part of this jigsaw is the draft process, which sees the worst teams in football get the first pick of the best players out of college.

A team can trade good drafts as part of a trade to get solid players now, guaranteed. the house in the immediate success, knowing the price they will pay, success or not, a kind of rebuilding in the seasons that follow. Hello, LA Rams.

Or you can go the other way, trading your proven players for future picks, with a long-term plan of building a young team at low wages that will blossom into something special.

I also have to mention Tom Brady, who used to be less than his worth in the New England Patriots, because he needs better players than him, and almost as many rings as prove its worth.

That doesn’t make it perfect, because there is no such thing, but it does mean that eight different teams have won the last ten Super Bowls.

Of course, not everything is rosy in the garden of the NFL, and there is always another side to the coin, but in terms of creating a financial structure to see the success to come without destroying everything and everyone in its path, the NFL leads the way. .

In ten years or so, the UK could have its own NFL team and if that happens they could very well be the safest sports team in the UK. The way the NFL goes about things, I think they got Rihanna.

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