Utah high school cheerleaders are in the spotlight after the first suspended…

Roy High School’s cheerleading team poses for a photo after winning the North State meet Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, at Ben Lomond High School.

For many years in Utah, high school cheerleaders perform their regular duties during football games, basketball games and pep rallies, with a random schedule of competitions throughout the school year.

Competing for a state title? For the first time, this has been added to the list.

Cheerleading squads are getting their moment in the spotlight this week with Utah’s first team qualifying for the state championships.

The UHSAA announced two years ago it would add cheer as a sanctioned sport. This school year marked the first season in which the sport competed under the umbrella of the UHSAA.

Obviously there were kinks to work out, clearance issues and paperwork related to the sanctioned game. However, on the eve of Friday’s 6A and 5A state championships, the coaches at the area schools said their teams are feeling connected, happy, grateful and nervous.

“We’ve already placed well in regionals but not in a division this big, so they’re all very excited and grateful to be going to state, and in such a position,” Roy High Cheer Coach Taylor said. decent.” Brown said. “So every time I talk to one of them they’re excited, they’re ready to go and it’s going to be a lot of fun for them.”

There is a lot of satisfaction in the cheer community about sanctions after years and years of being very active in schools, but they are not recognized at the same “university” level as other groups.

“I believe the job of a cheerleader is to build school spirit, entertain and involve the public in some special occasions, and strive to master the skills necessary for such entertainment and public gatherings. our UHSAA sports status, we finally feel like we are being recognized as the players we have been for years,โ€ Layton head coach Mandolin Martini said in an email. “This exciting season is different because now we’re one of the UHSAA teams that we’re trying to support in the tournament. We have to find a balance between supporting others and competing against ourselves.”

Cheerleading is basically a year-round sport. Tests are held in the spring and teams work throughout the summer to carry out daily activities, which vary from complex to even more complex, for the coming school year.

Then, state championships are held in the fall and, two months later, tryouts for the following school year are held.

For many years, cheering was played with “it’s not a game” shame, despite the teams of 20-plus players who work daily for hours every week – the things that make up and various moves, stunts and tumbles.

Some movements require skill and athleticism (backhands, for example) and others require strength and coordination (pyramid movements).

Depending on the difficulty of the daily task, it can take anywhere from a few tasks to several months to prepare.

“To get the whole team in synch can take a lot of time. The main routines require creativity and coordination in body angles, postures, faces, voices, etc.,” Martini wrote.

Cheerleading at the competitive level is a judged sport, or “true-ocracy,” as described in the 2000 hit movie “Bring It On.” The more in-synch the team can be in competition, the better.

For the Utah state championships specifically, classes 6A-1A are divided into eight divisions and cheerleaders choose whether to compete in a co-ed or all-girl division; they cannot compete in both.

The 6A co-ed, 6A all-girl and 5A all-girl divisions have state championships Friday at Utah Valley University. Roy High’s co-ed team is especially looking forward to the state meet, Brown said.

At the North Divisional meet this weekend at Ben Lomond High, Roy placed first in the sideline timeout / dance and sideline / timeout greeting categories, and placed second in the cheer show and sideline / timeout fight categories.

Layton placed first in the 6A all-girls sideline/fight track time and third place in the break/cheer period.

“It’s all new, we’re still learning how to get this to be a sport, you know, working out the kinks,” Brown said. “For Roy, we’re very happy because we’re one of only four 6A teams โ€” 6A co-ed teams โ€” that qualified in all four of their events, so we’re proud of that.”

Friday’s 6A and 5A state championships will be the second of two days of state play this week.

The 4A/5A co-ed, 3A/4A all-girl, 3A co-ed, 1A/2A co-ed and 1A/2A all-girl divisions had their state championships Wednesday.

Among area schools, Ben Lomond took third in the 3A co-ed show and sideline/timeout rating category.

Morgan was third in the 3A/4A combined all-girl division and Bear River was second in the 4A/5A combined overall.

Gunnison (1A/2A co-ed), Juab (3A co-ed), North Summit (1A/2A all-girl), Snow Canyon (3A/4A all-girl) and Crimson Cliffs (4A/5A co-ed) they won the title of overall champion in their division.

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