Funding threatens Cirencester’s cheerleading world championships…

A TEENAGER who has been selected to represent England at the World Cheerleading Championships is aiming to reach new heights.

Ruby Bettis, 14, will cheerfully represent the England team at the upcoming ICU World Championships in the US, which kick off in Orlando in April.

She is part of the Adaptive Abilities Cheer team which brings together disabled and non-disabled athletes to create an inclusive routine that includes acrobatics, dance and falls

Ruby, who is from Cirencester, said: ‘I was only a cheerleader for three years but I immediately fell in love with the sport.

“I am so excited to represent my country at the World Cup. It’s a dream come true.”

Ruby Bettis will represent Team England in cheers at the upcoming ICU World Championships in April (Image: Ella Bettis)

Ruby practices with her team (Image: Ella Bettis)

However, the sport is expensive with costs in the region of £2500.

Although cheerleaders were recently recognized by the International Olympic Committee, Ruby’s family is not eligible for any funding or grant in the UK.

They set up a GoFundMe fundraising page to support Ruby.

Ruby began her journey at Cotswolds Gymnastics School at the age of seven, where she fell in love falling.

She began cheerleading at Cirencester Elite Academy before transferring to Angels Dance Academy in Bristol, where she earned a place on Team England AA.

Ruby and her Team England Adaptive Abilities Cheer team (Image: Ella Bettis)

Proud older sister Ella said, “This opportunity for the World Championships has been Ruby’s dream since the beginning of the sport.

“Since cheerleading was announced as an official Olympic sport, this has only become more apparent.

“As an older sister, I couldn’t be more proud of what Ruby has achieved and I can’t wait to see how far she goes.”

“It gives me a great sense of pride”

Ella’s partner Samuel Richardson was also selected as a member of hip hop Team England competing in the World Intensive Care Championships. To see also : DeWine cited Ohio’s good points in cheering inauguration speech, but could mean members miss mistakes.

Samuel’s team finished as runners-up at the last world championships in 2022 and now hopes to become a world champion.

“I started dancing at a very young age and it gradually became my life rather than just a hobby,” she said.

Samuel Richardson will represent Team England in hip hop at the upcoming ICU World Championships in April (Image: Ella Bettis)

Samuel Richardson with hip hop Team England (Image: Ella Bettis)

“It’s amazing to represent my country at the worlds with hip hop from Team England and it gives me a great sense of pride to do it alongside my team.”

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An expensive sport 

She added: “Cheerleading is very expensive and there is a lot to do to compete at such a high level. Read also : An 8-year-old battling cancer becomes an LA Rams cheerleader for a day.

“This includes travel, accommodation, specialist trainers, competition kit, entry fees, training kit and insurance.

“Travel, hotel and kit will be in the region of just £2,500.

“With Ruby being 14 this responsibility falls to my parents.

“The team itself is raising money, but there’s no way they can fully support every single athlete.

“Sam, being an adult, is able to support himself by paying for his worldwide travel despite this being an expensive sport.

“We created a GoFundMe to support Ruby on her journey.

“We encourage any local businesses interested in sponsoring Ruby or Sam individually to get in touch.”

You can donate to Ruby’s GoFundMe here –

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