Infinity Athletics receives Allstar World Championship bid…

Moose Jaw crew will be one of hundreds of teams from around the world participating in the May 4-6 elite event

Moose Jaw’s Infinity Athletics cheerleading squad will have the chance to show off their skills next to some of the best squads in the world this May.

The Infinity Athletics U12 Supernovas were among dozens of teams in Youth Division Level 3 to receive a major bid for the Allstar World Championship during a special online announcement at the beginning of the month, and as a result, will be playing from May 4-6.

“It’s very, very exciting,” said Infinity Athletics coach Melissa Marzolf. “These girls are quite young, they are the youngest team in Saskatchewan to get a bid to go to this level of competition, and quite a few of them have worked together for many, many years to get to this level. Their hard work is paying off and to see them reach that world podium is going to be very exciting, especially for the coaches.

The Supernovas qualified through a virtual competition, with the team performing their routine before being submitted for judging. It was a wait and see from there, with the big reveal on January 10 during the online At Large Bid announcement by Allstar World Championship. To say it was an exciting time when the Infinity Athletics name came up would be an understatement.

“Everyone was so happy, it’s great to see all their hard work pay off,” said Marzolf.

It has been working again ever since. The Supernovas were one of three Infinity Athletics teams on the podium for the Edmonton Cold Snap competition over the weekend of January 21, taking first place, joining the U18 Interstellar and U16 Shooting Stars to take first place in their divisions. claim.

Building on that success will be part of their preparation for the rest of the way.

“We have a few games left before Worlds, so every game we take that feedback, adjust what we need to adjust to try and improve that routine,” said Marzolf. “As we get closer, there will be a few extra workouts. Maybe we’ll work with a few different guest coaches to get a different look, and then we’ll move on.”

Infinity will speak for the first time on Saturday, May 6 for the bidding round and the battle round, successfully pushing the local crew through to the finals on May 7.

The whole event promises to be an absolute whirlwind, but Marzolf is confident that the Supernovas can handle it.

“It’s a young team, but they’ve been to a lot of matches, so I think it will be extra exciting,” said Marzolf. “Even games around here are big and loud and exciting, so to be in a bigger venue with even more people is going to be overwhelming excitement and just so much fun.”

The event will feature a first round of competition, with a percentage of the top teams advancing to the second round, followed by the final. All told, it could mean three or four appearances on the world stage for the Supernovas

The ultimate goal, of course, will be to win. And if you think that’s impossible given the sheer size of the competition, you don’t have to look far into the past to see what could happen. While a different governing body, Moose Jaw’s Kendall Robinson was a member of Regina’s Rebels Cheerleading Athletics Team Smoke that won a world championship at a similar event last spring.

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