Is cheerleading a sport?

Games. ‘An activity that involves physical exertion and the ability to compete with a person or a team against another or others for entertainment.’One of the most controversial issues in this definition is whether Cheerleading is explosive bite down on the part.

The main point is the fact that the beginning of cheerleading is in the entertainment around the games.

97% of cheerleaders are women but cheerleading started as a fraternity movement at Princeton University. In 1897 the University football team wanted to start organizing cheers for the football teams and appointed ‘cheerleaders’.

It wasn’t until World War II that women began to dominate the sport while the men left. This is where the elements that are known today began to be implemented; games, slots and pyramids.

As the entertainer began to gain popularity, negative comments also surfaced. The movies started to show the fans to be focused on fame, vanity and vanity which further removed its credibility as something to be valued and far from being seen as a game. It was used as a derogatory term and the people who didn’t enjoy these films were usually higher class and certainly smarter.

The biggest step in the sport was accepted in July 2021 when the International Olympic Committee voted to give full recognition to the International Cheer Union (ICU) and four exciting, making it one of America’s oldest examples of cooperation that deserves to be included. the Olympic program.”

The games for the 2024 Olympic games in Paris have already been confirmed meaning that the 2028 Games in Los Angeles will be the first chance to start. As America is the foundation of the sport, many believe that it will begin to be held in this Olympic sport.

Although the Olympics have accepted it other major organizations have not. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) has no interest in the sports sector, and it will take a long time to process before it is seen worldwide. a game played by the public.

Regardless of the organization that defines the happy leader there is no doubt that the people involved are athletes. They train in a competitive environment to learn difficult skills and abilities that are not the same as sports, a formal sport.

The President of the Cheerleading Club Rebecca Leiper said: “I would say that cheer is definitely not known as a sport by many people and many people do not really understand what we do.

“When you say entertainment most people think you mean standing around the pitch with pom poms and singing songs but the truth is our style of entertainment is more than that. instead of that.

“We combine dance with the best of sports and it takes real strength and stamina to be successful.

“Our club sometimes feels like people in the university don’t recognize us as a sport and sometimes you ignore us as a bad club.”

Although difficult to define, the development of enthusiastic leadership is clearly important. It has made it possible for women not to choose between women and athletics, but they can be mixed and taken seriously.

The exciting leader changed the game from the sloppy to the strong and the high standards. It is growing and with the ability to be on the world stage in the Olympics, it may change opinions. Until then, it’s an uphill climb.

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