Teams do more than cheer at Cicero-North Syracuse Starfest event (63 photos)

The Cicero-North Syracuse cheerleading team competed during the Starfest competition at C-NS High School on Saturday, January 28, 2023. (Photos courtesy of C-NS Athletics)

The main objective of a cheerleading competition is to work as a team to put together the best possible routine. While that was the goal for the eight varsity teams that participated in the Cicero-North Syracuse Starfest on Saturday, other lessons were learned on this day.

“After a hectic week from snowstorms to illness, the Cicero-North Syracuse high school cheerleaders managed to place second at just 0.45 points behind Maine-Endwell, an incredible Section IV team,” said Northstars coach Sierra Colombini. “This competition has taught coaches and athletes that if a team has strong unity and determination, anything can happen. Hard work always pays off.”

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