Who are the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders?

THE DETROIT Lions are one of the most popular teams in the National Football League.

During their matches, fans often see their cheerleading team perform on the sidelines, and now they want to know more about the members.

Who are the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders?

Detroit Lions cheerleaders as of January 2023 include: See the article : Watch: Epic NCAA Tournament Cheerleading Video Is Going Viral.

Alison S (Captain)

Alison “Ali” is one of the team’s five captains. On the same subject : ‘We’re all still friends’: A generation later, ‘The Love Boat’ crew sails on.

When she’s not on the pitch, she can often be found hanging out with her family, friends and dog.

Micah (Captain)

Micah is a graduate of Michigan State University who is also the captain of the team. On the same subject : Did Howie Roseman just pull off the best 2 catches in Eagles history? | Building Birds.

One of her greatest moments was winning the 2021 NFL Pro Bowl title and hopes to one day be the mother of a daughter who will follow in her footsteps.

Mackenzie M (Captain)

Mackenzie M is a University of Detroit Mercy graduate who is another team captain.

She is passionate about Alzheimer’s awareness and loves watching the people she cares about reach their goals and become successful.

Read more about Mackenzie M here.

Kendall C (Captain)

Kendall C is a University of Toledo graduate and captain of the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders.

When she’s not on the pitch, she can often be found hanging out with her loved ones.

Courtney (Captain)

Courtney “Court” is a Davenport University graduate and captain of the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders.

One of her greatest moments in life was joining the team, and she hopes to host a TED Talk one day.

Other Detroit Lions cheerleading members include:

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How much do the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders make?

While being a cheerleader on a professional sports team may seem like a high-paying career, women don’t earn as much as you might think.

According to NBC Sports, NFL cheerleaders earn about $150 per game, or an average of $22,500 per year.

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Who owns the Detroit Lions?

The Detroit Lions team was founded in 1928 in Portsmouth, Ohio.

It was owned by several minority owners over the years until William Clay Ford bought them out on November 22, 1963.

Since then, the team has been owned solely by the Ford family. Following William’s death, the team was passed on to his wife Martha Firestone Ford and then passed to Sheila Ford Hamp upon her death in 2020.

According to Yahoo!, the family is now worth about $1 billion thanks to the purchase of William.

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