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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s get down to business…

Oh man! I dare to dream. Win six in a row? The playoffs? A performance at the Super Bowl?

I can’t in good conscience tell you to dream that. It’s not because the Jaguars aren’t playing well, competing or won’t end the 2022 season very well. I think they will and a finish like that could mean winning three or four of their last six games. And I firmly believe that the Jaguars have a very good chance of winning all the remaining games. they have proven that they can do just that. However, winning six straight games is difficult for obvious reasons. First, it would mean ending the season on a seven-game winning streak — which is difficult in the NFL, no matter the team and no matter the team’s schedule. But the Jaguars in your scenario would need to win five games against teams fighting for the postseason – Baltimore, Dallas, the New York Jets and Tennessee twice. Navigating that successfully with the postseason at stake? That would be a finish of historic proportions. Impossible? no But it would be a hell of a dream.

Northern Cali Jags fan from Sacramento, CA

Is this the best position the team has ever held? Of course, I know the team has accomplished more on paper than we have this year, but looking at the bigger picture, is this the start of a window where we can go head-to-head with anyone, anywhere, anytime for years to come?

It’s hard to say the Jaguars are in a better position today than, say, 1996. The franchise had a strong core at this point — left tackle Tony Boselli, quarterback Mark Brunell, wide receivers Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith, right tackle Leon Searcy , defensive end Tony Brackens, etc. – that made it four straight postseason appearances, two AFC Central titles and a team that could have won the 1999 Super Bowl. At the same time, this is a quarterback-centric league — and when a team has an elite franchise quarterback, it opens a window where they can compete at the highest level as long as that player is healthy and in their prime. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is showing signs of being such a player. If he …

One thing that struck me about Lawrence Sunday was his head movement. I’ve also seen some fake pumps. He’s garnered some buzz this year for staring at his targets, but it seems he’s starting to develop some skills to counter those falls.

he matures. The game slows down. He moves from a player trying to execute the basics to one who is able to introduce subtleties into his game. That’s how quarterbacks grow. This is the process.

OK, keep the teal shorts, add a thick white stripe down the sides, with two not-so-thick black stripes down the sides of it, and now the uniform works with all three shirts. The white, teal and black. My pleasure.

In our six one-point losses, we (fans and local media) were quick to point out the handful of plays that, if gone the other way, could have changed the outcome of the game. A tumble here, a drop there, a missed call, a fumble. There were always a few plays that would probably have changed, and L to W if they had gone our way. After Sunday, Ravens fans will likely be saying the same thing. They had three dropped passes in the end zone. Three. A one-point loss could easily have been a two-point gain if those games had gone their way. This is the NFL and each Sunday it usually boils down to a handful of games. The team that makes them usually wins. It’s nice to be on the winning side this week!

It’s a one score league and a handful of plays league. The Jaguars haven’t been in many of those games in recent seasons. You are now. If they learn to win them more consistently, they will be a good team. Seems like that is coming.

Looks like there’s a new group for the NFL to contend with: The TLaw offices of Jones, Jones, Kirk, Etienne, and Hasty.

My question was terminated prematurely! We’re sorry! BUT how can anyone look at TLaw and Dougie P and think we’re not improving? I’m not planning on winning the Super Bowl this year or next, but next year the AFC title game? Super Bowl 2025? TLaw has it and I can’t wait to see more Jaguar Football.

The Jaguars’ improvement has been evident since Week 1 of this season. Remember: The Jaguars lost 10 games by double digits last season. They have lost just one such game this season, six of their seven losses by a score or less. Perhaps that stat has been repeated enough times to lose its impact, but the Jaguars lost at least five games this season, essentially by a game or two late in the game. That’s a dramatic improvement for a team that has won four games in the last two seasons. It’s easier to see and more fun to talk about improvements when they’re accompanied by wins, but for this Jaguars team it’s been there all season.

The Jaguars better not get too confident when they face off against the Lions. Did you see how rookie defensive end Aidan Hutchinson had his face painted on like he was Braveheart or something? That’s some serious scary stuff. I’m pretty sure Jaguar’s left tackle cam Robinson is shaking. Didn’t Flint Tropics paint their faces? The jaguars should come out of the tunnel dressed like Milky the clown who would freak them out. Go jaguars!

I don’t think Robinson or the Jaguars would tremble at the idea of ​​playing the Detroit Lions on Sunday. I don’t expect them to be too confident for the game either.

Stephen from 113 via Pennsauken NJ and Jacksonville

John, if former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor makes it into “the room,” did he indicate who will present him to voters? If not, if you were a guessing man, who do you think will represent him? If Fred asked you for a recommendation, who would you recommend? Many Thanks.

It’s not because of Taylor or any potential Hall of Famer. Former WJXT Channel 4 athletic director Sam Kouvaris is the official voter representing the Jaguars in the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process. As such, he features Jaguars players who become Hall finalists if they vote for induction.

It looks like the Jaguars have finally landed a head coach who’s not only a true professional, but one the players have tremendous respect for.

This has been the case since the Jaguars hired Doug Pederson as head coach in early February. Winning it just helped more people see it I suppose.

Around this time last year, Trevor Lawrence was being slammed by the media compared to the other four quarterbacks drafted behind him in the first round of 2021 (Zach Wilson/New York Jets, Trey Lance/San Francisco 49ers, Justin Fields/Chicago Bears and Jones/New England Patriots). Now the script seems to have changed, three of them didn’t play this week and the other (Jones) has thrown more interceptions (seven) than touchdown passes (six) so far this year.

Johnny from Howey In The Hills, FL

Why is Jaguar’s punter Logan Cooke not recognized? Big game: an average of over 68 yards per kick against the Ravens.

Cooke is one of the best players in the NFL, maybe even the best. He had a great game against the Ravens. Why isn’t it “recognized”? He’s a player. There is a limit to how much is talked about each punter.

Is the three-safety package the new defensive identity or was this game plan specific to stopping Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens run game?

It was probably mostly for the Ravens game.

Let’s put the cart WAY ahead of the horse here and assume Chad Muma holds off Devin Lloyd and remains the starter for the foreseeable future. Is Lloyd the type of athlete (physique, skills) who can transition to another position, or will he be an underdog?

It is conceivable that Lloyd could play a role more on the edge to push the passer more. It will be fascinating to see the jaguars using it as your scenario plays out.

Admit it, Oehser! It was you in the Jaxson de Ville costume on Sunday! The American Flag Speedo was a sure sign!

Not all of us need a costume to rock a speedo.

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