Rockstar Cheer Closes Its Doors ‘Forever’

Two weeks after this news outlet first reported that its owner and founder were at the center of a massive, multi-jurisdictional investigation into sexual misconduct allegations, Greenville, South Carolina-based Rockstar Cheer has closed its doors “indefinitely.”

News of the gym’s decision to close operations was first reported by Cody Alcorn of WXIA TV 11 (NBC – Atlanta, Georgia). Alcorn received a statement sent to Rockstar “family cheer” from Kathy Foster – the widow of the late Scott Foster.

According to the statement, Rockstar “will be closing its doors effective immediately.”

“We are forced to make this extraordinary decision for the well-being of our community,” wrote Kathy Foster (above). “Although this is painful, we believe it is the best option to help everyone begin the healing process.”

Scott Foster died by suicide on August 22, 2022. Two days later, this news outlet reported that he was the focus of a newly launched criminal investigation led by the special investigation unit (HSI) of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with support. from the Greenville County sheriff’s office.

That investigation — which is ongoing — had been underway for about four to six weeks when Foster took his own life.

According to our sources, there could be dozens of alleged victims of Foster and other Rockstar trainers…

Over the past two weeks, this story has exploded into the mainstream media — and prompted a federal lawsuit in U.S. district court in Greenville, S.C. has placed the scandal at the center of a wider culture of alleged sexual abuse in the cheerleading industry worldwide. United States.

According to the federal lawsuit, Foster, Rockstar and codefendants including the US All Star Federation (USASF) and Varsity – a Tennessee-based company that dominates the cheerleading market in America – “created, organized and distributed a system of abuse of young athletes against innocent victims.”

“This abuse factory is specifically designed to produce two things: a constant supply of underage victims for Scott Foster and his fellow predators and a billion dollar income stream to Varsity Spirit, USASF and Bain Capital,” attorney Bakari Sellers of Columbia, S.C.-based Strom Law Firm. said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “Instead of protecting these young men and women, they victimized them and cashed the check.”

After Foster’s suicide (above) and the subsequent exposure of the allegations against him, many cheer gyms across the country have gone into damage control mode – changing their names, going quiet with key personnel, releasing facts – challenging “cover your ass.” Statements or asking parents to sign a new draconian “athlete membership agreement” that includes complete, wording violations.

Meanwhile, the national organization at the heart of the federal lawsuit has obfuscated and tried to avoid accountability.

rockstar? It decided to pull the plug…

“We want to acknowledge the pain everyone is feeling at this incredible time,” Kathy Foster continued in her statement. “The information we’ve received is all shocking. We stand with you as you process this in any way you need to.

Foster’s statement added that “over the past fifteen years, our athletes have worked hard to build a legacy of excellence.”


“We want each of you to know that this does not diminish your talents, achievements or bright futures,” she said. “We are a family built on a foundation of resilience. See the article : I’m a cheerleader, people say I’m beautiful, they’re impressed by…. Together, we will rise above this and come out stronger than ever.

In a follow-up statement from her publicist, Foster added “I ask for privacy for the children and for those affected personally during this difficult time.”

Foster founded Rockstar with her husband in 2007 – six years after they married. As recently as May of this year, Foster was registered as the owner of the franchise. The couple lives in Greenville and has two daughters and one son. According to my source, the Fosters were separated at the time of Scott Foster’s suicide – with some sources suggesting the two had an “open marriage” and were generally aware of each other’s extracurricular sexual activities.

As of this writing, however, no one has publicly alleged that Kathy Foster – who is also a coach at Rockstar – is involved in sexual misconduct with underage cheerleaders.

Also worth noting? Scott Foster is accused of being “openly bisexual” – engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with underage cheerleaders of either sex. Indeed, the federal lawsuit against Foster, Rockstar, USASF, Varsity and other codefendants lists several Janes and John Does among the anonymous survivors.

As I have noted on several previous occasions, my news outlet has been provided with the names of some of the alleged victims in this case. We have decided not to identify any of these individuals, however. If any alleged victim chooses to come forward on their terms – we are committed to helping them tell their story the right way.

That reminds me: Our amazing researcher (and cheer mom) – Jenn Wood – is stepping up to Foster, Rockstar and the wider cheer community. Anyone willing to share information is encouraged to contact Wood at or use our tip line.

However you choose to contact us, this news outlet honors requests for anonymity regarding submissions. In fact, this is some background in my personal history when it comes to protecting sources from powerful people.

Stay tuned for more on this story in the coming days and weeks as this news outlet has just begun an effort to hold everyone involved in the Rockstar Cheer scandal accountable for their actions…

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