Bright Spots: A local cheerleader performs at the Citrus Bowl

The word “cheer” is defined as “to scream for joy, in praise or encouragement or providing comfort or support.”

Paul W. Bryant High School senior Kecie Erby could be added to that definition, as she is a great example.

Kecie was one of hundreds of high school cheerleaders from around the country who were selected as the Varsity All-Star Cheerleaders and performed at the Citrus Bowl last month.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Erby. “I am an American star cheerleader for the Citrus Bowl. I thank God for everything I went through for my past and now is my future. Being like this is my time to show the whole world what I’m made of. I’m really proud of myself.”

Kecie said she left Orlando with more than just an interesting experience to share. Since she was the only cheerleader from the Tuscaloosa area, Kecie was welcomed into the Alabama squad that had come from Troy.

It was there that she made a new lifelong friend in fellow cheerleader star Jaylee.

“He is kind, friendly and also the most extraordinary friend I know in the whole world,” said Kecie.

And you might be surprised who Kecie supports during the Citrus Bowl.

While he greatly admires the Alabama Crimson Tide, LSU is his No. 1 team.

Kecie’s mother, Carolyn Erby, is very proud of her daughter’s achievements.

“(We are) very excited and very proud of him,” said Carolyn Erby. “He’s accomplished so much that normally people would say he wouldn’t do it, he shouldn’t do it or he couldn’t do it.”

Carolyn Erby says Kecie has taught her more than she could have ever imagined.

“She is my God gift and I will encourage her and support her to help her be the best she can be,” said Carolyn Erby. “He never gave up and he was a loving and caring person. He encourages others whenever he sees someone who is down. He will carry on and he is always there to lift others up, and that is what keeps me going. The fire comes from within.”

Kecie will attend Stillman College after she graduates from Bryant High School in May.

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