OUR VIEW: Behr, LaGrange’s biggest cheerleader, will be missed in …

OUR VIEW: Behr, LaGrange’s biggest cheerleader, will be missed in this community

Published at 3:02 pm on Monday, January 30, 2023 To see also : CHEERLEADING: The defending state champions are off to a strong start.

Longtime LaGrange resident Jake Behr was a friend to everyone in LaGrange. Behr, the ever supportive, environmental champion of our community was buried this past week. Often, we can hear from Jake, almost always supporting something without a letter or a picture or a story in the newspaper.

Obviously many in this community have received those daily, weekly or monthly emails or calls, thanking Jake for the work they’ve been doing. He was LaGrange’s unofficial cheerleader. However, in trying to find the right words to describe him, we’re not sure anyone did it better than Laura Jennings, executive director of the LaGrange Art Museum.

“Nobody is ever going to be tied down to anything and everything going on in the community,” Jennings said. “Even when he was away from home, he worked on social media, email and texts like air traffic guides for motivational messages, community news, breaking college football news — you name it, he was on it.”

That is the truth. Through the publication of ‘Round and ‘Bout and his personal social media pages, Behr has done his best to keep the community informed. He had the connections to get anyone moving, and the communication skills to get things done.

Jake will be missed in LaGrange. This is a great place to find his guidance, wisdom and community spirit over the years.

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