Rockstar Cheer Scandal: Here Come the Lawsuits

Several attorneys representing alleged victims of the Rockstar Cheer sex abuse scandal are preparing to move forward with claims against the Greenville, South Carolina-based franchise and “other potential co-defendants,” I’m told. sources close to the impending deluge of lawsuits on Saturday.

One of these potential co-defendants? The U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) – a national organization that is charged “to establish fair and consistent rules and standards of competition” in the entertainment industry and to “provide the safest possible environment for joy and dance athletes can train and compete”.

A prominent South Carolina attorney — former state Rep. Bakari Sellers — announced on Saturday that his firm, Columbia, S.C.-based Strom Law, has been “retained by survivors of abuse at Rockstar Cheer.” .

The sellers made it clear that the national association was also in their sights.

“We plan to protect survivors and fight a system at USASF that allowed this to happen,” Sellers tweeted.

Strom Law – founded by former US attorney Pete Strom – is not alone in representing alleged victims of the Rockstar Cheer scandal. Greenville-based Bannister and Wyatt and Columbia-based Chappel Smith and Arden also represented saga-related clients, I’m told. Earlier this week, the Greenville, South Carolina-based law firm McGowan Hood posted an announcement on its website urging potential victims to contact its lawyers.

“If you have been abused or assaulted by Scott Foster or anyone else at Rockstar Cheer, or any cheer center in South Carolina, call us today,” the ad reads.

This outlet has learned that at least three other South Carolina-based law firms have retained clients with claims against this establishment and various potential co-defendants, including the USASF. Several of those companies plan to announce their lawsuits in the coming days, sources familiar with the business told me.

This outlet has also obtained information relating to several prior settlements involving Rockstar Cheer – as well as multiple prior claims of improper conduct involving Franchise instructors and underage girls and boys.

The Rockstar Cheer sex abuse scandal exploded onto the scene earlier this week following the shocking suicide of franchise owner and founder Scott Foster. The 49-year-old Greenville business owner killed himself in his vehicle at Paris Mountain State Park on Monday afternoon – the victim of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head”, according to sources. law enforcement who spoke with Digital Media Manager Stephanie Moore of WYFF TV-4 (NBC – Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C.).

As this news outlet exclusively reported, Foster was “watching the commercial end of a multi-jurisdictional investigation into (amongst other things) allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls” at the time of his death.

The Rockstar Cheer investigation is being conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Special Investigations Unit (HSI) with support from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

HSI, readers will recall, conducted one of the key investigations into the Thornblade scandal, which involved wealthy upstate men and women who allegedly engaged in sex acts with younger partners. No charges were ever filed in connection with this investigation because, according to my sources, “the only evidence (prosecutors) received in connection with the investigation depicted sexual relations between consenting adults.”

However, several upstate sources we spoke with believe the two scandals could be linked.

Investigators may learn more about the extent of the scandal soon. According to my sources, following Foster’s suicide, “investigators seized multiple electronic devices from (his) vehicle and home this week, including an iPhone, iPad and laptop.”


“This seizure is expected to lead to evidence,” a source familiar with the investigation told me. Read also : Falcons cheerleaders hold auditions, registration ends June 11.

As I noted in my last report on this growing scandal, sources close to the situation tell me that the HSI investigation into Rockstar Cheer had been ongoing for at least a month prior to Foster’s suicide – and had confirmed what appeared to be a “pattern” of alleged abuse involving multiple Rockstar Cheer employees.

This media has received the names of several alleged victims in this case. However, as I have repeatedly noted, we do not identify any of these individuals. If alleged victims choose to come forward on their terms, I am committed to helping them tell their story in the right way.

The importance of protecting these victims was underscored Friday night when one of the most high-profile former cheerleaders to come forward in connection with the case was attacked in her high school parking lot after a football game.

Eyewitnesses to the attack said one of those involved in the violence was a relative of Scott Foster.

#RockstarCheer Update: One of the alleged victims in this case was allegedly attacked last night by a family member of Scott Foster. Unbelievable. This story divides people like I’ve never seen. Stay tuned for LOTS more on this breakup story later today…

Led by our intrepid researcher Jenn Wood, this outlet continues to receive information from a vast network of sources about Foster, Rockstar and the wider joy community – which has come under intense scrutiny in the past. for his failure to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Anyone wishing to share what they know about this saga is encouraged to contact Wood at to submit information to our advice line. However you decide to contact us, this media honors requests for anonymity regarding submissions.

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