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The NFL season is almost over. This weekend will be exciting for the fans with conference championship games. In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs, playing in their fifth straight AFC game with Patrick Mahomes, will host the Cincinnati Bengals. While Joe Burrow was undefeated against a first-time MVP in his young NFL career thus far, Cincinnati fans were overly optimistic. Also in disrespect to Mahomes and his team.

After a 3-0 record against Mahomes, there were plenty of questions about the matchup. One of those feats for Burrow came in last year’s conference championship, when the Bengals stunned the Chiefs to advance to the playoffs. If ever the ‘nation of chiefs’ needed a word of reaffirmation, it would be now, and it clearly came through.

Patrick Mahomes’ partner sends a one-word message to the fans

Amid the growing clamor against Mahomes, his longtime partner and wife, Brittany Mahomes, delivered a speech that united the fan base. Brittany shared the post on Twitter. The original tweet read: “Waking up everyday to people trying to disturb your peace can be so sad. This may interest you : The Mt. Vernon Knight Cheerleading Team is making the program’s first ever trip to the Nationals. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that silence truly is golden. But please don’t mistake my silence for agreement. I just know I don’t argue with fools.”

The phenomenal Patrick Mahomes lays out a seven-day strategy for achieving “the first goal”


When she responded to the positive thought, she wrote, Amen.

The fans stood behind the wonderful gesture. Many of them responded to the tweet by rooting for Brittany as she spreads positivity and continues to support Patrick and his team.

You’re always there for Patrick, and he keeps telling the world (through interviews) how you’re just as important to his success. As a fan I can appreciate everything you put in so we can watch Mahomes Magic!

— Justin Kase (@justinkase79) January 27, 2023

Another fan showed her some love with this cute gif.

While that person is also behind the message.

Most of the time there is no point in addressing the enemies. If people aren’t willing to be transparent and vulnerable about their own lives, then they aren’t worth working with.

— Resilient-Humans.org (@HumansResilient) January 26, 2023

Chiefs Nation always stands behind Mahomesi and this person made that clear.

Just know that most of us are with you and your family. We are praying for you and supporting you 100%.

— Linda Kramer (@LindaKr08993920) January 26, 2023

Another fan expressed his love for her and her family and hopes they can finally win against the Burrow.

I love you Brittany!!! A wonderful mother and wife. Now let’s get that W!!! ❤️💛❤️

— Caroline (@carolinesibb) January 26, 2023

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Burrowhead lights a fire

With the fans now back in the corner, the Chiefs can try to silence their haters on Sunday. This may interest you : How to Watch: Eagles vs. Cardinals, Week 5.

Because of their 27-24 triumph at Arrowhead Stadium last season, Bengals fans now call it Burrowhead. Future Hall of Famer Travis Kelce didn’t ignore the disrespect shown by rival fans. On his latest episode of the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, TE reminded the world that their home is the loudest stadium in America.

Fans have been worried about Mahomes since he suffered a high ankle sprain last Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But now the actor explained that he is doing well because he is ready to face his opponents. “Excited to get on the practice field and kind of test it out and see where I’m at. But so far it feels good. After the game I felt better than I thought I would.” Mahomes said of his injury.

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