I weigh 250 pounds and I’m a cheerleader – people call me “queen” and praise my stunts…

A sports-loving CHEERLEADER has shared her weight and height with her social media followers, and the vivacious woman is receiving plenty of praise.

Aysia helps people feel inspired and look great doing it too.

Cheerleader Aysia (@aarlm.2 on TikTok) shared a series of photos of her in her sparkly black, red and white cheer uniform.

Aysia revealed to viewers on social media that she is five feet nine inches tall and weighs 250 pounds.

In his TikTok video, he showed clips of him and his team doing elaborate stunts that included high throws, backflips and more.

“Can’t believe it’s been two years since our last competition,” Aysia captioned her video.

She had many positive and supportive comments from viewers who admired her passion.

“If everyone was the same size this sport wouldn’t be possible – thank you and your strength!,” one person wrote.

“Hell yeah. Played competitive sports my whole life while being the biggest person on the team. A chance to reproduce,” said another.

“Aysia you are gorgeous and a great cheerleader and you perform so well I really like it,” said another person.

Other people came to Aysia’s defense in the comments section, urging her to ignore some of the haters who had negative things to say.

“Don’t listen to them as a cheerleader who doesn’t have the typical ‘athletic body.’ You are a great athlete and have so much potential in this sport,” one person said.

“The comments didn’t pass the vibration check, you’re awesome, ignore them,” said another.

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