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The ongoing criminal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct among several employees of the Rockstar Cheer franchise was heightened when the business’s owner and founder – 49-year-old Scott Foster of Greenville, South Carolina – died of suicide. -killed on August 22, 2022.

Since then, this story has exploded in the mainstream media… and a recently filed federal lawsuit shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

As the story unfolded, the victims/survivors of this story became emboldened – and began to tell their stories to our researcher Jenn Wood, a happy mother who has made it her life’s mission to hold the entertainment industry accountable for her acting roles. this scandal.

Which reminds me … as I mentioned in the last edition of our popular ‘Week in Review’ program, anyone willing to share information is encouraged to contact Wood at or use our the spider.


However you decide to contact us, this media honors requests for confidentiality regarding submissions – and as I’ve made clear before, I’ll go to jail before I breach confidentiality. On the same subject : Eigner to enjoy Newberry College.

While there is anger, though… what is really happening in the case?

And more about: How has the great publicity it has suddenly created affected the inquiry?

According to my sources, this investigation – led by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Special Investigations Unit (HSI) with support from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office – lasted approximately four to six weeks when Foster he took. himself.

Is he giving birth? Actually…

“They had a lot (of information),” a source with direct knowledge of the investigation told me, referring to HSI investigators. “A lot of resources were given to them, and they were in the process of independently verifying (that information) by gathering a lot on their own.”

The investigation was “extremely delicate,” another source said — citing extensive undercover operations and surveillance work as well as the use of “multiple intelligence sources.”

One of the first points of inquiry? Homemade swing. Notably, the production and dissemination of nudity – including nudity and images that encourage minors and women, as well as images and videos of them engaging in various sexual acts.

According to my sources, federal agents chose to focus on this aspect of the case first because “it’s the easiest thing to prove.”

And because it leads directly to other areas of inquiry…

Foster’s death actually gave investigators a new window into the scandal through electronic devices seized from his home and car after his body was found in a Paris County park north of Greenville. However, Foster’s suicide and the fire that followed also undermined their efforts – forcing a fundamental overhaul of the inquiry.

According to sources, additional investigative resources are being brought in to deal with the case – although they declined to discuss the nature of the materials or where they are being applied.

One thing is clear, though: This inquiry is much bigger than one man or one company.

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