The famous Texas Rangers punch is now immortalized in the mural…

We will never forget Jose Bautista shaking his head!

I guess the Texas Rangers have had some infamous punches over the years. Nolan Ryan beating the s*** out of Robin Ventura is probably more famous. My personal favorite though is Roughned Odor punch out Jose Bautista. Mainly because Jose Bautista is and will forever be a badass.

As some of you may know, I am not a Texas Rangers fan. I grew up an Orioles fan and the Toronto Blue Jays are in my division. So my team faced Bautista a lot and the crap he did to the Rangers, he did to my team as well. When he was a free agent, my general manager told him don’t bother coming to Baltimore, we would never sign you.

Jays fans are probably the only ones who actually like this guy. He’s been out of Major League Baseball since 2018 and I’m glad he’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, he had great seasons in Toronto. Let’s be honest with each other, he will forever be known as the guy that Roughned Odor punched in the face.

This was in 2016, the year before, Jose Bautista did a bat-flip after hitting a three-run homer that angered many guards. On this particular play the following season, Bautista wasn’t even trying to hit the base, he was trying to get Odor out. That’s when Odor lost it and took out his frustration on Bautista’s jaw. The rest is history.

Although we still haven’t forgotten this moment after all these years. It is now immortalized in the Texas Rangers hometown of Arlington. Artist Juan Velazquez has been working on this for a few weeks now. We got our first shot at what he created about a week ago.

He said, “This is TEXAS history” and he’s not wrong. The mural is located at 611 W Park Row Dr in Arlington. Which is only about an eleven minute drive from the stadium where the Rangers play. So if you plan to go to a game this year. You might want to go check this out.

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