The Lakewood Recreational Cheerleaders

Come to Emerson Elementary School and get some snacks to benefit from a good cause!

Lakewood Recreation Cheerleaders are holding their second annual fundraising event. Last year, they raised over $450 for Lakewood Food Pantry. This year’s proceeds will go to Tabby Tails Cat Rescue in Custar, OH.

Tabby Tails is a 501c3 organization that acts as a safety net for high-risk cats. These cats will most likely be euthanized in the shelter system. This includes feral and disabled cats. Cats with behavior problems, hybrids, and cats that are seriously ill or injured. Whether these cats are adopted or have to live in a Tabby Tails shelter, they will be safe and loved. Giving cats a second, third, or even fourth chance at life.

Cheerleaders ran the concession stand at Saturday’s basketball game at Emerson Elementary School on Clifton Blvd. Sells delicious snacks that are a treat for you and the cats.

Head Coach Valentina Teles, in her fourth season coaching with the Rec Department, is in charge of fundraising. “Cheering is more than just cheering at a game; it is being a leader in your community and setting an example, hence the name Cheerleader,” he said. I am so proud of all my girls for their dedication to their squad, academics and extracurriculars. This fundraiser would not be possible without them, the helpful parents, and the Lakewood community.”

This year’s Coach Valentina joins Coach Kara Nieves, who is in his second season. Together they coordinate the Rec Cheer program.

If you have questions, want to help, or donate, please contact:

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