Cheerleaders decked out in red, white and blue for Independence Day

What are on Falcons helmets?

The helmet features the old Falcons logo and black, white and gold stripes to honor both the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. This may interest you : How to Become an NFL Cheerleader. This style was worn from 1966 to 1969, before the gold stripe was removed.

What are those things on football helmets? It’s a soft shell that hangs around players’ helmets. According to the NFL, the Guardian Cap reduces impact force by at least 10% when worn by one player and at least 20% less when worn by two players in a collision.

What are the new football helmets that limit brain damage? Riddell launches Axiom, the latest helmet to combat concussions. Football helmets got a facelift Wednesday as, for the first time in about seven years, Riddell, the NFL and college football’s leading helmet maker, introduced a new helmet to help prevent concussions.

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What are the new Atlanta Falcons helmets?

The new red helmet is a close replica of what the Falcons wore from 1966-69. See the article : Campsites: day 6. Not only does the new red helmet have a gray face mask, but it also has three different colored stripes running down the middle: white, black and gold.

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