Fact check: Is Corinna Slusser dead? Missing cheerleader found alive

How old was Brian Shaffer when he disappeared?

Has anyone found Brian Shaffer? Shaffer has not been seen or heard from since. The case received national media attention. To see also : Peak Elite Cheerleading has reached the podium in the first event of the season. Pickerington, Ohio, United States of America.

When did Brian Shaffer go missing? On April 1, 2006, Brian Randall Shaffer disappeared for no apparent reason. The last known contact was at 1:55 AM, when Shaffer was drinking with friends at a local Ohio State University (OSU) bar in Columbus, Ohio.

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Was Kristen Galvan ever found?

Robyn found the other girls. She didn’t find Kristen. Read also : I’m an NFL cheerleader – people don’t expect my real skin, I show a way to protect myself and cover my tat…. In all, Robyn helped find and rescue several missing girls in her search for Kristen.

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