“Bucky the Bronco” returns to Denver’s football stadium

What is Broncos stadium called now?

The stadium opened on August 11, 2001. On the same subject : VIDEO: Service in West Valley. Mile High Power Stadium is owned by the Metropolitan Soccer District (MFSD) and operated by Stadium Management Company, LLC (SMC), a subsidiary of the Denver Broncos Football Club.

Why is it called an Empowerment Site? The new Empower Field at Mile High takes its name from Empower Retirement, a Greenwood Village-based financial services company. Empower Retirement purchased the naming rights from 2019 to 2039. The Mile High nickname comes from the fact that the site is one mile above sea level.

Does Mile High Stadium still exist?

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Did the new Broncos owners buy land under team facilities in Dove Valley?

All these years later, the Broncos have purchased the Dove Valley land under their UCHEalth Training Center, local real estate records indicate and sources confirmed to 9NEWS. To see also : Falcons Jet-Set for the Jets. The land transfer was first reported by BusinessDen.com.

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