Poplarville celebrates local cheerleaders for placing in the top 20 of an international competition

What classification will Mississippi High Schools be in 2023?

Mississippi high school football will have a new look in 2023 thanks to the expansion of the seventh division. On the same subject : Kenyon’s cheerleading earns tournament victory | Sport. In November, the Mississippi High School Activities Association approved a new reorganization with the 7A division for the 2023 through 2025 seasons.

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What are the colors of the Poplarville schools?

The Poplarville School System’s mascot is a hornet and the school colors are green and gold. Read also : More coaches named in South Carolina cheerleader abuse suit.

Who is the principal of Poplarville High School? Chloe Swilley. Jonathan Ray, a 1991 graduate of Poplarville High School, is in his second year as Principal at Poplarville High School where he has been a teacher for the past 24 years.

What is the school district in Poplarville MS? Poplarville School District The Poplarville Public School District is a model for action in the state and across the country. PHS was recently awarded a bronze medal by US News and World Reports and ranked as one of the top performing schools in the country.

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